Losing virginity in a few hours, just some questions

Been in college for 9 or so months and have really been wanting to try well… sex. Finally after 5 long months of thinking about it I bit the bullet and made a grindr account and found a guy who seemed excited to take my virginity. We’ve been talking about it for 3 or so days and he’s getting off work in a couple hours and then I’m going to head over. Never done much anal other than a finger or 2 and I’m pretty excited (and slightly scared.)

Just wondering what I should expect, If there’s any kind of etiquette, Anything to do prior to heading over, What to do after sex, What I should do if I cum first and more or less just how to approach the night. Slightly anxious but I feel once I’ve done it I will finally be able to become more sexually active.


  1. A simple overlooked thing: breathe! When he’s going into you, don’t hold your breath, remember to breathe. Push out, like you’re going to the bathroom, that will help you relax the anal canal and straightens it a bit so you can take it more easily.

    Lots of lube and make sure he wears a condom. If you’re not feeling it, don’t worry about trying again another day. It would be best if he’d rim you and finger you a good bit before trying. If it *hurts* you’re doing something wrong like not enough lube, too fast, or something like that. It might be a bit uncomfortable but it should never outright hurt. Little bits of insertion and then letting you relax is best. Try not to bear down on him at first, remember that pushing out thing.

    Good luck! Let us know how it goes for you!


    Make sure to let him know if it’s good or if you’d like him to slow down or if it’s painful or even if the room is too stuffy and you’re sweating too much for comfort! Seems like he knows you’re a virgin, so he should – hopefully – be aware to make sure YOU feel comfortable but still. Consent is sexy, it is willingly given AND CAN BE REVOKED ANYTIME.

    Same goes for you sweets – feel free to ask him what he likes, how he likes it, and if you can do this or that.

    You’ve hopefully done your ‘Meeting a Stranger from the Interwebs 101 prep – done ways to ensure he’s who he says, have an exit plan, etc. – right?

    It helps if you have a friend that you could say to at least check up on you by say, an hour or two after you decide to meet; no need to let them know why but just check on you and idk, if you don’t reply within half an hour call 911 on the address where you’ll be. Or something. Just someone to ensure you’ll be fine. (DM me if you can’t find anyone ).

    Other than that – ENJOY IT ! Take the pressure off that your first should be memorable cause tbh I don’t even remember the name OR face of whoever took mine. (Virginity is a social construct after all amirite)?


  3. Try not to think about losing anything. It’s more about getting more experience than anything. Eventually you end up leveling up and who knows, maybe even evolving!

  4. Other folks seem to have you covered as far as advice. For next time:


    This is a very good guide on how to clean up before sex. I do this for me more than anything else because I can relax better knowing I won’t have any surprises.

    Hope you have fun!

  5. Did you clean out? It’s typically good etiquette to use an anal douche before anal play. It helps prevent messes.

    Also, you should ask him to rim you if you’re into it. Getting rimmed is my absolutely favorite thing. I like it way more than actually getting fucked. Plus it helps you relax back there.

    Hope you have fun. Maybe you’ll post a little aftermath story to /r/GayStoriesGoneWild? Hehe

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