Gay boyfriends travel to London and are joined by some favorite YouTubers! SUBSCRIBE:


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Two Beeps is a gay couple living in Brooklyn, sharing their life with the Internet.


  1. What a fab group, I grew up in a rural village of Greenwich {pronounced GREENwich like sand WICH} and wanted to always visit London and Greenwich (where 0* meridian or prime meridian is) Great video- you had most of my UK favorite YTers

  2. I wish I had supportive family and friends like y'all cause all I hear from my family is that they hate gay people and they don't understand how someone could be gay and it's just so hard that I have to carry such a big secret from everyone and I cry when I'm alone cause I don't have anyone to share this with and to know how I feel and to comfort me sometimes I feel like I just wanna kill myself that that would make things easier cause I won't have to tell anyone and live with this on my shoulders

  3. Awesome! As always, thanks for sharing your travels! Never been before but would love to go to London (and Italy…and ALL OVER EUROPE for that matter hah) Also loved seeing +Our Swirl Life at 7:36

  4. Big fan of you both and hope you enjoy your trip, but I will refrain from continuing the video as I don't care to see your host or support him in any way. I will return when you are back in America.

  5. Beeeeeeeps! <3 I've been going through a tough time lately, but seeing you two happy and smiling always makes me smile, so thank you for that. 🙂 I am so glad I found your channel. I think I've watched half of your videos in the last week. 😛

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