Leaked Snapchat Proves Colton Underwood Lied About His Virginity On The Bachelor

A recently leaked photo proves that Bachelor star Colton Underwood was not in fact a virgin… or does it? He guys I’m your man Tim Bach, you’re watching Trending Topics here on SAVVAGE TV.

By now, all you true Bachelor fans have seen the reportedly leaked old Snapchat photo of reality star Colton Underwood bragging about sleeping with a big ‘who-hooed’ lady. The image shows a young Colton with a pretty shocked look on his face which perfectly fits the caption.

But this still begs the question… is it real?

TMZ reports that a source close to the star states that while the image of Underwood’s past self is one-hundred-percent real, the caption is totally doctored! According to the outlet; Colton’s image was doctored by placing the image inside the Snapchat app and adding the cation separately. When the image started to circulate earlier this week it went viral, confirming a growing list of fans who are not buying Colton’s claim that he was a virgin prior to his appearance on the Bachelor franchise.

I cannot confirm if the image is doctored or not, but I’m gonna trust a brotha! Let me know your thoughts down below, like the video, and subscribe! Until next time keep smiling.

Original Article:https://www.tmz.com/2019/02/01/colton-underwood-snapchat-pic-fake-virgin-the-bachelor/?adid=hero3

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