Leafy D1CK PIC LEAKED! HACKED! #DramaAlert Sidemen ATTACKED! Christian Burns SWATTED!

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    i will never post (links) in the comment section of #DramaAlert

    If you see a link from me its NOT ME they are imposers!

    I have already deleted over 30 of them. On desktop you can see its me cus im verified but in mobile you can't!

    If you click these links you will get hacked!

    I love you guys just looking out for you!

  2. Leafy's snapchat got hacked… and his nudes were leaked… and his second channel got hacked, which caused him to lose subscribers… and the hacker hacked in to his bank account and revealed that he has over 2 million dollars on his bank account… yes the hacker just wrote a single tweet saying "he had 2.7mil on his bank account" with no conext, also making the police able to find him, and of course keemstar came in and tried to save the day… sure thing pal

    Keemstar sure knows his audience

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