Lazy tops

I’m getting real tired of lazy tops. If I take the time to get ready for sex, and they roll up and just expect me to do all the work, I’m kicking them out. It’s my new years resolution.
The stick it in and Grind against me guys…we’re not making pesto like it’s 1812, how about actually fucking me.
The “ride me” tops. 80% of them just want to lay there. I didn’t install leather hand straps above my bed for no reason. I’ll ride you, but if your just laying there hands behind your head… Out.

I can tolerate a degree of bad top skills, like the ones who don’t understand that if your putting all your weight on my shoulders… Obviously doggy is going to turn into some kind of me squashed on my stomach. The ones that pin me into strange positions that limit my range of motion. I can roll with that. But lazy I can no longer abide.


  1. I feel this. Bottoms get a bad rap for being lazy, and I know some of us definitely are, but sometimes guys don’t appreciate how hard bottoming is. Even if it seems like a bottom is just “laying there,” he’s still concentrating on relaxing and tightening his muscles to keep everything going smoothly. And if you want him to start moving with your rhythm or riding, that’s a whole extra level of shit to focus on.

    A lot of bottoms also tend to be more active when it comes to foreplay while the top leans back and enjoys a good BJ (this isn’t always true, I know plenty of tops are extremely generous with foreplay and I appreciate you!! 😘 But on the whole, I’d say bottoms still give a little more than they get in terms of foreplay)

    And I haven’t even mentioned all of the planning and preparation that goes into bottoming. Don’t let that go unappreciated cause it ain’t easy to have a pristine hole at all times. 😅

    So next time you take a cute bottom to pound town, just remember all the work he did to get you both there. He won’t mind putting in the extra effort if he gets the same from you!

  2. As a top vers guy, let me throw it out there and say bottoms that go that extra mile to prep and be ready are my gift from above. Seriously though I’ve seen and even done the amount of prep, so when I get a hot bottom that doesn’t mind just being my little starfish and getting moved around/thrown around a room with little effort from them, that is my biggest turn on. Be lazy bottoms, you’ve done your bit, let the top put in some effort.

    As for foreplay, hey, if you’re sucking my dick, the least you can do is give me your ass to eat like it’s dinner 😉

  3. I basically won’t bottom for new tops anymore lol. You’ve either had to have already slept with me or come recommended by someone I know if you want me to bottom for you.

    It takes me some serious prep work to bottom since I have Crohn’s, and I’m over wasting my time getting ready for some disappointing dick. Honestly my standards for tops aren’t even that high, but there are so many guys out there that will put in literally zero effort into making sure you’re having a good time too.

    I love topping though, because I get to be the opposite for bottoms. It almost makes me sad sometimes when a guy is amazed at something all tops should have been doing for him already :/

  4. I wish I could find a lazy top. I’ve been working on my power bottom skills and I really just need someone to stay still and be my human dildo. Usually the tops I find are older though and they want to control everything. I need an unconfident virgin who’ll let me take the lead and put some miles on him.

  5. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 honestly I’m all about showing my appreciation for a nice dick. Happy to do it 😉 but also totally agreed that lazy tops are no fun. Not because I mind doing work when I’m getting fucked. Happy to. But because I want to feel like the top is into it. Lazy tops just seem like they’re not that interested and like I’m mostly here cause I know you want this ass. Try to show me how bad you want it. It’ll make us both feel better/happier.

    Also. I want leather straps above my bed. Where do I get these

  6. I hear you. My New Years resolution is to be a more piggy, nasty bottom. My boyfriend has a huge donkey dick and he’s definitely not lazy. But I wanna get fucked by guys who “bring the slut” out of me. I’m 1000% sure a lazy top won’t do that.

  7. I’m one of the people who like restricting your movement haha. I don’t like being ridden much at all, if I top I like being in control. I like pinning down someone, holding my arm around their neck, and exactly controlling how my dick is fucking you. Never really thought of it as lazy. Most people who’ve bottomed for me seem to enjoy it.

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