Last night I had my first hands free orgasm

Hey r/topsandottoms

throwaway because I don’t need regular Reddit to know but last night I had my first hands free orgasm from anal and I couldn’t be more in bliss. I’ve been hooking up with my roommate (long fucked up story and it probably won’t end up working) for the last couple months since breaking up with my girlfriend. We smoke, hang out, and usually jerk off.

He’s gay and has helped me really become comfortable with who I am and we exploring my body with him. Anyway, about a month ago we started having anal. It hurt at first but the last couple times we’ve done has been pure ecstasy once we get into the right position.

Last night was different. We were high and we decided to have sex. He told me he wanted to try something new and told me not to touch my cock. I told him I was open to it but didn’t think it would work. He lubed me up and out on a condom before sliding inside of me. I was semi hard but it still felt good. After a few minutes of gentle pounding I could something coming on and my body started to go limp. It felt ***really*** good. I told him not stop and to go harder. I looked down and could see my floppy dick start to ooze precum. I was so turned on by that view that I completed lost control. I felt my dick twitch and I came all over his bed.

I pushed him off and laid there in ecstasy. My body felt so emotional. He laughed and gave my dick a kiss and we sat back down to smoke again.


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