Koreans React to 16 Greek Actors [Choice Tournament] / Hoontamin

Koreans reaction and their choice tournament among 16 Greek actors. Who will be the final winner? A tournament to find the last ideal type. This game is known as ‘ideal type tournament’ in Korea. Koreans Hoon and Cormie react to 16 actors of Greece.

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  1. Καλώς ορίσατε Έλληνες θεατές! Ανεβάσαμε αυτό το βίντεο πριν από 2 μήνες, αλλά αρχίσατε να το επισκέπτεστε τώρα. Πώς ήξερες αυτό το βίντεο?

    Welcome Greek viewers! We uploaded this video 2 months ago, but you started to visit now. How did you know this video?

  2. Aww she is so cute.
    Meanwhile me I want to go to Korea as much as she wants to go to Greece hahahaha!
    Let's switch places, I'm Greek! I am a huuge BTS fan! And I also wish to see my favorite actors and idols!!!

  3. congrats for reading the names correctly, cause usually foreigners butcher them. lol dude had better taste than the chick. also chick said did not like long hair or half naked guys in the other video yet chose guys with long hair or half naked here, no wonder there is the opinion that chicks say 1 thing & mean another. fact that inconsistent statements is business as usual for chicks in general, go figure

  4. Me and many more Greeks would be really happy and honored if u did more Korea X Greece videos! As a Greek I love Korea's culture and I love Korea as a country! I also love Korean people I find them funny… Respectful and they are just really nice people! I am looking forward on watching more videos of ur channel! Lots of love from Greece 🇬🇷💙💙Αγαπάμε Κορέα και σας αγαπάμε πολύ 💙😊

  5. Ρε κλαίω γιατί δεν αντιπροσωπεύει ακριβώς την ιστορία της Ελλάδας στον κινηματογράφο.Οι παλιές ταινίες είχαν ηθοποιούς παγκοσμίου φήμης παντός είναι θετικό να βλέπεις ανθρώπους να ασχολούνται με την Ελλάδα που βρίσκεται στα όρια της φτώχιας κ εξαθλίωσης

  6. If you really like Greece and got interested in greek actors I recommend you a greek series called Άγριες Μέλισσες, which is very famous in Greece. In that series plays Ανδρέας Κωνσταντίνου and Γιάννης Κουκουράκης that you show us to your video.

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