Hey guys! In today’s video I’m using the KONMARI METHOD to DECLUTTER my son’s closet and give him a CLOSET MAKEOVER. This is a super quick video on how I use the KONMARI METHOD to declutter and get organized. This is the 2nd Konmari/decluttering video that I have posted in the series I’m doing. I plan to use the KONMARI method on our entire house and post videos as I go. If you missed the last video of me doing the Konmari method on my daughter’s room, you can check the link below to watch. I hope you love this video and I hope it motivates you to declutter and get organized! I’d love to have you subscribe to my channel and follow along on our adventures. Thanks so much for your support! God bless!

Konmari Method on my daughter’s room:

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*Bona Mop:
*Farmhouse Sink: I have searched and searched for the Ikea Farmhouse sink that we purchased when we built our house, but haven’t been able to find it. I am assuming they don’t sell it anymore. I have linked a similar farmhouse style sink below from amazon:

*Farmhouse Utensil Holder:
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  1. Isn’t the “after” so rewarding? It looks amazing and must feel SO good! We recently moved, and I’m already a huge Kim Marie fan, but your videos give me extra motivation to make the time to do it right. I have the sand T-shirt as you and those words/that song recently got me through a year-long trial. I must have listened to that song on repeat a million times 🙂

  2. Yes ma'am!!!! You did your thing again!!!!! You have a way and complete!!!!! Please please please please please please please please please please please please in my book!!!! Pray that God will build your family strong and healthy!!!!!

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