KonMari Folding: How To Fold Clothes Using The KonMari Method

A comprehensive video demonstration of KonMari Folding! Here’s how to fold clothes using the KonMari Method so that they stand upright to save more space in your drawers. See below for a detailed list of all the clothes included in the demo, including time stamps (with MASSIVE thanks to Raeun Karusya) if you want to skip to the item that interests you most.

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In this video, I show you how to fold:
– T-Shirts (short-sleeved) 1:54
– T-shirts (long-sleeved) 3:05
– Tank-tops, vests, etc. 4:14
– Shirts/blouses 5:14
– Sweaters/jumpers 6:32
– Hoodies 7:34
– Dresses 9:00
– Skirts 9:56
– Jeans & trousers 10:07
– Underwear (full brief & thong) 11:20
– Boxers 13:32
– Bras 13:57
– Socks (regular & ankle) 14:18
– Tights 15:24
– Swimwear (full costume & bikini) 15:57

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  1. Very good 👍🏻 thank you. I was happy to discover that I fold many items in the same way, or close to it. This certainly made me tweak a few of my methods.
    It has also encouraged me to clear out things I no longer want or need & organise everything else neatly, as I used to.
    I just need to ensure I don't go back to lining up tins and jars of food in regimental fashion in my kitchen cupboards, labels pointing forwards … that was a step too far! Gave up when I watched the Julia Roberts' movie, "Sleeping with the enemy" ! 🤦🏻‍♀️..😂😂

  2. I just had to subscribe because I love listening to you lol your sense of humor and ability to laugh at yourself is so refreshing! I'm currently in the beginning stages of "Mari Condo-ing" my house. Hopefully when I'm done I'll have my shit together 😉🤣

  3. Thank you so, so much for not having a bunch of self-promotion bullshit sprinkled in throughout your video. Great content

  4. Hi Laura! Thank you for this video, I found it really helpful! I just had a quick question for you. I just donated three boxes full of clothes, soft toys and books. I KonMari'd my own stuff, too! The boxes had been in my way for over a week, and I couldn't wait to get them out of the way…or so I thought. I was wondering if you felt the same way about stuff you donated, and how you determine whether this feeling of anxiety is due to saying goodbye for good, or 'there's an empty space there now' anxiety. Keep making videos, no matter how ridiculous the topic seems, there are lots of people out there who appreciate your work! <3

  5. Dang, I wish my bras could fit in a box, let alone a dresser drawer. 😅 So thankful some retailers allow mixing sizes for bikinis. I'm bigger up top and not a plus size for bikini bottoms. Unfortunately, I have to hang the tops with the bottoms.

  6. Loved your presentation. That you demonstrated all the items in one video, bravo 👌 I also adjust some of the items to be more aesthetically pleasing. Thank you 🇦🇺👌

  7. Where's Konmari? You know, the sweet, adorable Japanese lady who does NOT use curse words or trade on anybody else's name. SHAME ON YOU!! Fold up your tent and slink away😬.

  8. Great tips. But I learned to pack for luggage, roll the item to prevent wrinkles. So on skirts, if I dont hang up, I would fold in half, then roll the length and put in drawer. And pantyhose, which I rarely wear, I guess wadding into a ball isn't anywhere near the KonMari way??? 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Thank you soooooo much for this video! Just discovered your channel and already subscribed ( btw lol I am 3 years late😅😅) Thanks again! ❤❤
    P.S. I love the way you have replied to almost all comments even though there are so many comments! 😍😍

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