1. Oh god… Despite probably the original intention, seems that last line is "fuel" for all many idiots, esp. the paranoid anti-SJWs and folks who complain ad nauseum about "political correctness running amok." While Key was probably innocently making a point about some members of marginalized communities 'going too far'- while still acknowledging, perhaps, that anti-gay bigotry has "not gone away", by any means- and jumping to conclusions, a lot of *other folks will use it as an excuse to pretend that's all there is, and practically zero actual bigotry against those groups exists anymore* (esp. trans).


  2. One major point is whatever- the communication between these two is respectable! 😊 This could have flared up into a fight in a real life scenario considering how violent ppl are today!

  3. How is it this skit is on youtube but I can't find "Rhythm and Balls" about the gay R&B singer who comes out of the closet on stage? I have a copy of this skit on my PC so no worries but I would like to watch it on youtube and read the comments.

  4. Honestly, I’ve gone to school with people like this. This one guy would make it a habit to harass any dude who’d go to the boys bathroom. Imagine trying to pee and some dude sneaks up behind you trying to give you a handjob before zipping it back up. If you didn’t accept it, you’re a homophobe. Unfortunately the dude was popular so he would just ruin you in the eyes of everyone. A friend of mine who wasn’t gay somehow because the crush of this guy and all the popular girls hated him because he wouldn’t date him, even though he isn’t gay. He was just branded a homophobe.

  5. Honestly
    I am a lesbian myself but if I heard music with moans I would've given the guy a talk in to.
    And if the showed me a pic of his anus Imma go ask for him to be moved to another desk.
    Like the guy was gay but he don t have a penis whistle to be gay.
    Like some people take it a lil to far.
    I am all for embracing sexuality but knitting a butt ain't right!

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