Kenny & I Trade Coming Out Stories

Extra video from our Q&A collab! It was so great bonding with you, Kenny! Yeah we usually never have a change to chat at work. Like ever. It’s cool, Kenny I get it…

But in all seriousness, I’m really glad we also made this video because not all coming out video on YouTube have to be this big to do. And I hope just how casual this video is will make it seem less scary to other people in the closet. But remember that you’ll know when you’re ready and DON’T rush it.

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  1. I'm kinda late to this video but I'll answer anyway. Im in middle school i'mma girl and I'm gay. I can't out to most of my friends via text and then some in person it was super casual. I began to have this crush on a girl in my math class shotly after. I barely know her but it's just like a feeling like you will be mine someday either in this life or the next. But anyway I'm head over heels for her so I told my friends I like her and they try to get me to tell her. I was so scared of rejection I always found an excuse to avoid telling her. I saw this video one day and I was just like you know what I'm gonna do this. I texted her and was like I like you and stuff.She was chill about it cause she's straight and everything but I'm happy I told her. I told my friends and they say that if she got to know me she could wake up and realize she likes me. I know that'll never happen we haven't spoken since I told her.So me telling her must have gotten around cause when I was in art class a bunch of boys went up to me one at a time asking if I was a lesbian. It wasn't quite how I imagined coming out but it's a good story

  2. The first person I ever came out to was my friend. We were messaging, and I just started to tell her about I guy I liked, and I wish I could say that she was supportive…but she actually thought I was lying to her. Then over the course of a month she started to accept it, and is now okay with it. I then came out to two of my friends at the same time. The one was really supportive, but the other was just confused (she didn't here me correctly. I then latter came out to her and she was fine with it) I then came out to my other over email. The last person who I remember coming out to specifically, we were walking down the hall way and i just whisper in her ear "i am gay", we were dating at the time and I thought she was going to be really sad but she whispers in my ear "so am I". She then latter came out as pansexual. I then have two other friends who over the course of a month or two found out. I dont know how specifically. The one them came out as bisexual and the other was just like "ok". My mom asked me if I was gay, and she was 100% understanding and supportive…she then went on to tell my stepdad.

  3. I'm bi. my family knew before I did but just let me "go thought the motions that all teens need to go throught" my grandma just want to see me in a relationship 'cuss she thinks that's the only way to happyness. she been with my grampa since she was 17 so I don't fault her but I will probably end up as the catlady in the corner.

  4. I'm 15 and i'm bisexual and I came out about a year ago. I always assumed I was straight, my two closest friends identified as lesbian and bisexual so I was often called a lesbo by the idiots in my year (all boys). the girl who was openly lesbian had to leave school for medical reasons and I started having weird dreams about her all the time and started missing her a lot. once during maths we were talking about people we liked and my bi friend at some point said you wouldn't understand because you're straight and I replied how would you know. people then fired questions at me about who I liked, past and present ect. I then said both boys and girls and that was it I guess, I then had another crush on a girl that i'm crurntly really into,  but she doesn't know even though I know she's gay so I figured I should tell my mum so I just dropped it into a conversation at some point and no one seemed bothered, but I have had a  few homophobic run ins since which is weird because it's been such a short amount of time. I've found it all pretty easy.

    I think people like you guys are what makes it easy for people like me because I'm fortunate to not be surrounded by homophobic assholes, just sexist ones, but that's a different problem, you guys rock and Chris you deserve WAYYY more subscribers

  5. I actually had a similar experience. the first guy I was seeing was while I was in the closet. I discussed with my sister my dates with this guy but changed his name to Bianca. I was not outed by the story but decided to come out a week later because I could not stand the idea of lying to my loved ones. I came out at 19 and would not change it for the world. I think it's important to note that everyone has a different perception of sexuality. When I was in high school I acted like I was macho and hated gays. Even after coming out it was difficult seeing my gay friends hook up with the opposite gender. I never voiced my opinion to these friends as I don't want to be a downer when they are enjoying themselves and confiding in me. When my mother came out as bi I had a very difficult time with it as well. The sexuality is not what influences our opinions but instead the relationship we have with the person sharing. I know it's not right being a gay man and having a poor opinion of things in my own community but its a struggle for everyone. Straight or queer, we all have opinions and ideas about right and wrong. I think straight people commonly have the same internal struggle that we gay people do. Looking at something and deeming it right or wrong. I have learned sexuality is not right or wrong but instead something that is a personal preference. I cannot wait until we are in a world where we dont have to lie to ourselves or those we love.

  6. I first told someone I was bi in Junior year of high school, me and him had a thing, but he moved away that year. I was going through some personal issues and decided to get rid of at least one stressor and clear up the "gay rumors" by just opening up to my friends who all were secretly placing bets on when I'd finally just come out. I didn't want to tell my parents because they were super anti-gay anti anything not Right Wing Republican, but I ended up coming out to my gay cousin and it eventually got out to the others. The majority of them were accepting, but my mom kept trying to tell me it was a "phase". I don't really talk to her anymore…

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