Justin Bieber Just Introduced His Female “Alter Ego,” Rachel Bieber

Justin Bieber Just Introduced His Female

Pop star Justin Bieber introduced a new female alias, photoshopping his face onto Beyoncé’s body.

“Y’all need to meet my sister, Rachel Bieber,” the “Sorry” singer wrote next to a photo of his face ’shopped onto a 2013 publicity photo shoot from Beyoncé self-titled album.

The picture comes after Bieber saw Beyoncé electrifying performance at Coachella, a set so commanding that many dubbed the festival “Beychella.”

Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Coachella

Bieber’s ’gram received nearly 5 million likes and has garnered comments from some famous friends.

“Bruh set me up! Finally be brothers!” wrote Patrick Schwarzenegger.

“She’s bad,” commented Jaden Smith.

Bieber also shared a number of photos from Coachella and announced another alter ego, Skylark Tylark.

Jeff Taylor is a North Carolina-based journalist who writes for LGBTQ Nation, Q Notes and other outlets.