1. Lawful bottom 🙂 oh and cause I love calling a good top daddy. And when I see a hot cock my inner slut is unleashed

  2. Didn’t expect to see a category that pointed directly to me. But Lawful Switch it is. I have a big duffel bag that I keep all the toys in, my hookups are purely for the orgasm since I’m not too hot at foreplay, and though while I have topped I would rather just bottom because i want to enjoy cock.

  3. lawful bottom
    i want to please my daddy, let him use my small twink body to his pleasing. i am his.

  4. Between true and chaotic switch. Replace “kinkier than you” with “always flirty” and I’m true switch

  5. Chaotic bottom for sure. Sex is fun and I like to laugh. I also like to be put in my place, so I tend to act out in order to encourage the response I want. And realistically, I’m probably going to grab whatever candy I have nearby afterwards. I make candy for a living, though. I love sweets.

  6. somewhere between neutral bottom & chaotic bottom

    not opposed to calling a guy daddy if he asked for it but i wont be cooking naked LMAO

  7. Neutural top is the closest but none of them *really* fits me

    Neutural bottom is closer except as a top lol

  8. Chaotic top or true switch. Why? I love topping but I’m kind of, um, not the most organized and sometimes pizza is the quickest way to get much needed calories. Switch because I love being a sub with the right people and they’re usually switches and it’s like we can’t do enough to each other from either side and have the best time mixing it up, sometimes even in the middle of a scene. Edit: really into aftercare no matter which square I fall into

  9. Lawful bottom. Nothing feels better than knowing my partner is completely satisfied from using me ♥️

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