John Salley on Malik Yoba Coming Out as Bisexual & Attracted to Transgenders (Part 8)

Part 7:
Part 1:
In this VladTV clip, John Salley and Vlad talked about Malik Yoba, and Salley gave his take, saying he supports him and thinks people should be able to do what they want.
Salley then talked about rappers getting caught out there with Transgender women, with them using the excuse “oh, I didn’t know.”


  1. I don't know if Malik had sex with a minor, so I won't comment on that but what I will say is that with my background and being related to someone who can see what is hidden and what most people hide, I respect that man for at least coming out and being honest because I know beyond a shadow of a fact that a hell of a lot of men of all races and backgrounds are really into male to female transsexuals and transgenders! The ones who are the loudest protesting against it are usually doing it on the low but too paranoid and scared of it getting out! Like my brother always said, a real man do what the hell he wants and give no sh*t about what anybody gots to say about it. Lot of coward men out here frontin like they are hard. No lie!

  2. Not to be disrespectful, but one trans folks play angst a bunch of women, and that women us to be a man. Then I will call they what they want. (What's on that birth CERTIFICATE, and death CERTIFICATE) will tell u everything. Yes he call his self a women…… though.

  3. 😂😂😂😂. He is soooo misled and confused by that industry. I understand why he’s attached to women with both. Half or most of the women have both is what most don’t know

  4. You dumb ass dizzy hoes mad about somebody that's actually open and honest about his preference AND YOU MAD???? lol wow AND Y'ALL WONDERING WHY THE DL MAN EXIST DUH BECAUSE YOU BACKWARDS ASS HOES CREATED THEM TO BEGIN WITH! sis y'all mad at the wrong one Y'ALL GOT BIGGER FISH TO FRY starting with that nigga that just can't seem to love you rite or why he ain't never at home WHY HE ALWAYS WITH HIM INSTEAD OF YOU! BROS B4 HOES BITCHES WAKE UP! I'm sick of the backwards ass bullshit half of you hoes on this post rite now sleeping with a DL MAN RITE MF NOW!!!! GUARANTEED!!!! Smh and you don't even know it that's how lost you dummies are sis lol but hey you know what they say god protects fools and babies may God be with you because y'all blind AF

  5. These black celebrities need to put more energy into black issues and not transgender shit. Blacks are powerful if we stick together, but we don't. We focus energy on the wrong things. If you need to push yourself for career reasons, your not genuine

  6. Man y’all brothers just need to stop playing the fence and keep it 💯!! Y’all out here playing with women and men and everything in between. Keep your membership to yourself let us men have our women and you can have all the like minded boys you want.

  7. I'm sorry, but all I'm hearing from this is.. it is what it is..people are going to be themselves..if it's for you, ok..if not..ok..ain't got nothing to do with me..i ain't losing no sleep or money being concerned about who you fuckin..

  8. Ray Cunningham, I'm 100% with you my guy. We seem to focus on so much bull-shyt. The issues that we need to focus on are somehow put on the back burner. I'm not being nasty or anything, but, damn, why can't men be men and women be women? I'm sorry, but, I'm nust saying. BLACK WOMEN HAVE ENOUGH TK DEAL WITH, WHY DO WE HAVE TO CONTEND WITH THIS AS WE? COME ON GUYS, GIVE US A BREAK.

  9. Nothing but demons messing with gods children just for a moment in time.They gotta take as many as they can with them. Only the weak will be deceived. Don't get curious that's how they get you

  10. Lord help this people/ generation! This is sad! People's normal isn't really what's normal, it's what's accepted and just because people are accepting of certain things does not make it right… It's demonic perversion.

  11. I am hair stylist some of my best friends are gay men. I love everybody and it and I know it's in the Bible that you're not supposed to be that way I pray for those people but Malik I don't like using n word but that n** is crazy

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