Jaden Smith is gay! Came out of the closet! Thinks he's in LOVE with Tyler the Creator! Exposed hims

Jaden Smith thinks he’s in LOVE with Tyler the Creator! Exposed himself in suspect tweet then deleted it!

If this is true, Jaden Smith, you are your fathers son!

Actor, and son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, Jaden Smith, tweeted a very disturbing tweet recently
You might wanna clinch your cheeks tight for this one!

He publicly messaged Rapper, music producer, comedian, pervert and narcissist, Tyler the Creator and said to him, “I think Im in Love With You, I don’t Know I’m Stilll FIguring It Out But In The Meantime, Happy Birthday.”

So, is Jaden coming out of the closet? All I know is, Tyler is a douche! I mean, if you’re gonna get your booty hole ripped open so wide you can literally shove your head up your ass, why do that for a jerk like him?

All I know is after this, Tyler the Creator is gonna have to change his name to Tyler the Cum Eater!
What in the, Golf Wang, Wolf Gang is this shit about? Please Lord tell me this is all one big joke!

But hey! This is all my opinion!

Let me know what you think about it all below!
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  1. Love who you love don't listen to no fool's ❤️ they have nothing to do with your heart or your life 🌹live for yourself or you live an empty life 🌈 be happy 🤓

  2. The picture of the guy in the photo…Creepy. Jaden Smith….not the same. Gone to another universe. Jaden, why?!!!! You used to be so awesome!!! Sniffed out by luciFAIL, huh? Come back to reality, dear Jaden.

  3. There's this old saying in the gay community: 'Today's fag basher is tomorrow's competition.' You remind of that 'basher'. Your vitriol toward this eighty-five pounds-when-wet Jaden Smith sound like envy; or is there something about him that you desire, and/or identify with in yourself; and you try to cover it with being the biggest anti-gay bigot in the world?? If you were secure in yourself as a man, it shouldn't matter who anybody sleeps with, or marry; but your loudness about people's personal business and life, says yours is incomplete, and their happiness in being who they are, perhaps, belies your own unhappiness in not being who you want to be!!!

  4. Wow. I'm reading some of these comments and I can't believe the ignorance. I'm laughing so much I got tears rolling down my face. News flash…You can't make someone gay. Get a grip people. You're either born that way or you're not. Most kids grow up in a heterosexual household so if you believe that you can influence their sexual orientation wouldn't it make sense that the kid would grow up straight. Duh. Who the fuck cares anyway? What someone else does in bed is none of your damn business. Unless of course your interested in joining in. Seems to me that there's a lot of unhealthy obsessing about what gays get up to. Hmmmmm.


  6. whoever posted his is an idiot. if he's gay, why does it matter. for you to take the time out of your day to create this vid says more about you than him. worry about your own damn bedroom.

  7. I do not understand why it seems to be true about whole gay agenda and transhumanilism but I have only watched a couple clips on here to why it all exist anyway and the two clips I've watched on the subject they were both different reasons so I am still in the dark not knowing why? I wish someone would explain to me why the agenda is in the forefront anyway?

  8. Lmbo! You had me geeking out laughing so hard my face hurts! Yeah man, this generation is crazy man. This whole entire transgender modern day Sodom & Gomorrah Society we live in is sickening. God help us!!!!

  9. It's always been rumored that both Will and Jada are gay. They cover it up by staying married , but it is only a marriage in name because they both take gay lovers.

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