I’ve recently started to try self anal play. It feels pretty good, but I have some questions

– I’ve never been fucked by a guy, so how similar is using a dildo on ur own to a cock up ur ass?

– I only have done it 4 times, and are there any trick or tips to make it feel even better? All I do is stick it in and move it around with one hand and jerk off with the other.


  1. To me nothing replaces the real thing. With that said dildos are great for doing at your pace. And they come in so many shapes and sizes you can practice for a big one. For me hitting the prostate is the best feeling.il if you are laying on you back you can find in by inserting your finger and curling in up towards your cock. Kinda like a come her type of motion. If you can focus one that spot it’s the best.

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