1. Was a briefs only guy for most of my life. Randomly switched to boxer briefs about 3 years ago. I love the way my dick is a little looser in them, feels sexier somehow. This year I tried jock straps for the first time. I don’t like the way I look in them, but they feel good, especially when it’s hot. I love wearing them to work under jeans for slacks – feels very sexy and like I’ve got a secret.

    Boxer briefs remains the default, 95% of the time.

  2. Up until this year, I wore boxers or compression shorts. Bought some jock straps this year because I was feeling super slutty at that moment, now I wear nothing but jock straps. Super comfy!

  3. Okay I don’t live in an English speaking country so I don’t know the difference. I tried to google “Briefs” “Boxer Briefs” and “Trunks underwear” (damn you Dragon ball) and they’re all… same?

    edit: okay, I think briefs are a bit shorter in length because there are lots of pictures of short briefs… but there are lots of pictures of briefs with the same length as the others….

    I do know jockstrap though, but I definitely didn’t know that people use it outside of sex

  4. Commando. I didn’t wear underwear for a long time and I tried going back but it’s all too much fabric in pants and it feels like my balls are in an oven. I don’t need my huevos poached in my own sweat.

  5. I used to only wear boxer briefs and still do sometimes. I bought a few pairs of breifs from Dirt Squirrel and I fell in love with how they make my ass look and feel.

  6. I have noticed that too. Almost all the guys I’ve hooked up with have worn briefs. I’d gay guys I guess prefer support and comfort over what’s trending and popular. Boxer briefs have way too much fabric to be called underwear to me. And boxers have no support so why wear them.

  7. I usually wear briefs and boxer briefs. My boyfriend only wears boxers. I’ve tried to convert him, but he refuses lol.

  8. Briefs – For every day underwear, trying to look cute for a boy, hook ups, the superior underwear.

    Jocks – Hook ups, casual after hours, slutty after hours

    Long boxer friends – Gym

    Commando w/ shorts – Around the house, bed

    Boxers – Never

    Trunks – Used to wear but they ride up so much, I switched to briefs

  9. I’m in the briefs gang. I think bottoms are a little more likely to prefer briefs and tops are a little more likely to prefer boxers or boxer briefs. (Although I love to see a top bulging in his briefs I don’t see it that often)

  10. In high school I briefly wore boxers and then went commando for the 3+ years remaining. After that I started wearing briefs. They’re the most flattering on my body

  11. 99% of the time i wear no underwear at all. And if i do its jock straps or thongs. I dont even own “regular” underwear anymore.

  12. I’ve done a poll about this for a story I was working on. Bikini briefs seemed to be most favored by bottoms, followed by briefs, then boxers. For tops boxers, then boxer briefs, then briefs, then commando was their preference. I hope that helps.

  13. So I’ve put on some weight but back in my day, I would either sport a Brazilian boxer brief or just regular boxer briefs.

    Idk what it was about them (even though I wear them still), but walking around in front of my then boyfriend to tease him made me feel like my superpower was my sexuality (although he always liked when I did this with either a tank top or no top and just boxer briefs)

    I would usually end up letting him take them off and bending me over in the end 😉

  14. I can’t really stand boxers, they just cause me pain from walking. Everything else I have worn and like, except jockstraps, never wore them before.

  15. Honestly, I find nothing cute about a pair of boxers. I want to see the good curves of ball, dick, and butt. Unfortunately those just don’t show in the baggy non-stretch fabric of a boxer.

  16. Depends on the situation. Every day casual would be boxer briefs, solo sexy time would be briefs, any chance I may get a dick in my ass is a jock strap.

  17. In high school it seems like boxers were in style, you know the waist band had to be just above your belt line. I think Under Armour got boxer briefs more popular. You’ll never get me in a pair of tighty whiteys again.

  18. I like my undies tight. I would say briefs are what i mainly wear and feel most confident in, but I recently just got some thongs and I really like the way they feel!

  19. I’ve observed the same. And well, I like it. Some guys don’t pull them off well, but I think any decently in shape dude looks way sexier in briefs.

    I did not wear them until after I came out in my 20’s, I started wearing them cuz it felt sexier. But I also started getting really into fitness around that time and my legs are too thick for boxers and boxer-briefs now. Find them so uncomfortable these days.

    I always think they’re coming back in style, but all of my straight friends wear boxers and boxer-briefs.

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