Helloo guys! you guys said you wanted a closet tour, so here it is! it took me a lot of patience to create this and I’m very proud that my life long dream has been fulfilled by all my hardwork and without any financial help from my parents. Ofcourse they were supportive, but the joy of building something on your own is priceless. πŸ™‚

MY WALK-IN CLOSET TOUR 2016 || Larissa D’Sa

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  1. I love shoes n too many clothes, like literally too many clothes including daily wear, Kurtis, n ofcourse ethnic wears. Plz suggest me a way to set all those. And more than anything, I want 1 shoe rack, all over online it doesn't fit for heels. Most of them r either steel, in which shoe fall off or else of clothes, in which clothes wil b torned coz of shoe weights. Please Larissa suggest me… Please

  2. Omg everything here is goalssss 😍 I love and invest in shoes a lot. So the shoe corner of your room is my favourite part. Then the dresser is also very cute. Love you Larissa ❀

  3. Hi I came across ur channel yesterday only and I'm loving it . I also want to start a channel but I always feel like how to start,will it be successful some day and all that thoughts.

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