Always stay true to yourself. I hope my story can influence you in a positive way no matter how you define yourself.

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  1. Oh my goodness I relate so much. I just started crying. I am currently struggling with my sexuality. I feel like I have probably always known since elementary but more so into adulthood have been really realizing that maybe this is who I am. When ever I think about about it I get major anxiety and nervous. I dont know why I am so nervous and having anxiety about what I am feeling. Is that normal? I have friends and family that are gay that I could talk to but for some reason am scared to talk to. I have had sort of sexual experience with girls when I was younger. But I have always had this interest for girls where I wanted to know what it was like to be with them, I have thought about wanting to kiss them. I definitely have this feeling towards both men and women. I feel like when I say it out loud that I have this sense of relief or relaxed. And then of course when I think about it I am like "no I cant be..am I?…I think I am..I know I am…noo..I am". Why do we doubt ourselves and not come to terms with who we are? Thank you for sharing your coming out story. It really is helping me to come to terms with who I am. <3

  2. You're amazing. Im so happy to see a smile on your face after all the years you have been struggling with yourself. I know how hard this is, and its incredible that everything is good now😊

  3. Christianity and Judaism have failed you if you do not want to wind up an old tattoo lesbian all alone in a nursing home no children just cats. Only Islam can cure the homosexual mental illness you can beat this demon you can find a nice Muslim man and give him many sons. the burqa and the hijab are there to protect women from becoming lesbians.and the girl who lead you down the path to homosexuality will burn in hell! submit to! Islam wear the burqa and the hijab and Obey Sharia law. who all is working in Europe it will work here first you must submit to Islam all there still time save your soul from hell

  4. you were lead down this path to homosexuality and now you want to come back but you are afraid you are not a true homosexual the real ones a mental condition you don't you're just experimenting I'll come back to normality have kids make your parents proud don't wind up an old abandoned tattooed up bulldyke living alone with a bunch of cats until Humane Society takes away the cats and you get taken away to a nursing home where you die childless and all alone

  5. I loved this, it's so touching 🙂 i just feel sorry that it took u so long to figure it out 🙁 i knew at age 11 that i was a lesbian, i was fortunate enough to find LOVE my sophmore year of high school, we did the whole college thing together and now i get to wake up next to her every morning and call her my wife 🙂 i'm so sorry u missed out on that, sure sometimes it was hard, but we took it together, the bullying and being called dykes 🙁 our family and true friends supported us and that is the most important thing, we LOVE U GIRL 🙂

  6. Ali you are awesome and beautiful, what a real coming out story and so glad your parents were there for you. you were so truthful, and the best coming out story i have heard.

  7. That was one of the best coming out stories that I have herd the way that you tell it and the struggle that you had and the way that you express the emotions and the lifting of the burden that was so well told thank you for telling your story..

  8. This is 100% the same story as mine…thank you for sharing this. It made me cry so hard because I was not able to put my feelings into sentences and you nailed it!


    I realised a few months ago that I was gay, before that I was convinced I was an asexual. Even though I had multiple female crushes and kisses. It’s almost obvious I am gay but I really didn’t recognise it until recently.

  10. Omg the tears! Thanks for sharing, because of people like you others are able to come to terms with themselves and come out. Thank you so much you've helped me as well.

  11. Thanks for telling your coming out story ❤️ I came out 15 years ago when I was 30 ☺️ I new I like girls when I was in my twenties. when I broke up with my boyfriend I new I had to try with a girl and it felt sooo right. Btw your eyes are so amazing damn 😍 Big hug from me living in Sweden

  12. My first time i watched a 30 min. video just of talking. I really like listening to you and i think you're helping so many people out there. Made me also think about a few things.. thank you for your honesty 🙂

  13. I just wanted to say thank you. Out of all the girls and guys coming out videos this is the best one. I can relate to it the most. I am 33 and just now coming out. It is scary. Do I wish I had done it sooner yes. Maybe I wouldn't of had the depression I had when I was younger if I had. Thank you

  14. I'm lesbian/gay too and mmmmm I'm not out yet and I questioned, thought I was bi, released im just fricking gay 😛 just my process, bisexuality is usually not a phase it just was for me. I see the male form as I kind of an artwork then yup mmmmm. I mmmm oh just had crushes on guys, Society's heteronormativity kind of forced me too because your assumed straight until proven gay. I forced myself to be boy crazy. One day I released im gay! I thought "hey what if I'm just gay?" Then BAm BuuDIo I'm JuST A RaINboW BiTCheS ps: Yes I'm gay/lesbian (I'm a girl) i do like flannel and I'm good at softball BOI I'm NoT A StERyoTYpE I JuST LiKE TheSe ThiNgS BOi BIsH PlEASe I'm going into 7th grade boiiiii I know I'm gay I'm so happy my friends support my gayness I plan on telling my oldest brother and dad tommorow I've already told my gay and trans bro and I've been accepted by him. Thank you. I've had panic attacks to. I know my Mom will accept me! My dad will too but he might unintentionally hurt mah feels. Thank you

  15. i have only told my brothers and most of my friends that i'm gay. i don't know if i should tell my mom yet bc she makes fun of lesbians a lot and im just so scared for what she will say.

  16. I found myself a couple times in this Video. Most things that you were telling are true feelings that I had too. I don´t know why, but as I watching it I start to cry and let all of my emotions out of my chest. I told my parents, that I´m a lesbian and they said the same things what your parents told you. I know what you mean, that this was the most beautiful and unforgettable thing what they said to me. I was so glad that my parents reacted like this. You had me from the first second where you started to talk about your story. You touched me right in my heart and let me rethink about my story, where I had go through. I never forget my thoughts about dating or liking girls. I was so confused and I don´t wanna talk about this with some one, like you said, i was afraid of the reaction from the people. I know this Video is a while on this channel, but I found this channel for a couple days ago. I wanna say thank you for all the words and private thoughts that you shared with us. One thing you don´t have to apologize for crying, because I know what your feeling in this moment and I truly understand it. I hope that you can understand what I mean, because i come from Germany and my English spelling or grammar is not the best, but i tried my best to find my feelings in the right words. Have a nice day. Levke

  17. I relate to your story so much and saw so much of my emotions and thoughts in this video. I'm so glad I found this because your like me and I've never found something I relate so much to.

  18. I knew I was gay ever since I was a young child, but I never had a clear understanding of what it meant. ( If that even makes sense) I forced myself to try like guys in Y9 ( in highschool) and it really just made me feel worse. I never dated anyone, but lets just say I regret forcing myself to think I'm attracted to the opposite gender.

    Anyway in Y9 at the end of the year I was trying to accept myself and work my head around who I am as a person. I tired looking back into the past and I realized I'd been the way I am ever since I could remember. It can't be a phase if I've been this way all my life and plus saying it's a phase is just stupid but hey my opinion on that.

    Then I started Y10 in 2016 in September and boy oh boy one flipping roller coaster let me tell you. I came out to my friends properly or all them properly in November and I also got my first girlfriend then too. It was an online relationship which I was very nervous to go through with truthfully. But I'd befriended someone on a writing/reading website called Wattpad and she loved my work since I wrote and still do write fanfiction.

    We ended up dating for 1 week and the broke up because she just wanted to be friends which I'm chill with. We're still friends and help each other out now and then so that's pretty good. But once 2017 started I vowed I'd be different and become more confident in myself and in my sexuality, that I'd watch more anime, be more open about my sexuality but not push it in peoples face.

    And I have done just that and now It's July, I'm on my 6 week summer holidays starting my 1st week today and I return to school in September to start Y11. And I can already tell that once 2018 comes around it's gonna get busy. But I'm hoping I can make some gay friends because those in my circle are different. So 2 or 3 are straight, 1 is Asexual and the other is Bisexual. But I'm the only gay one and my Bi friend says it's not all bad because she's kinda gay too. But she is attracted more to boys than girls and I'm the ONLY one that is gay and so I truthfully find it difficult. Which is why I'm hoping that next year I can find someone like me who can relate to my struggles 🙂 Does anyone else relate at all or want to share their struggles?

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