1. At the end of the day, who cares; both them niggas on the couch was fat and ugly as fuck. They need to worry about who gon want they ass, instead of being homophobic smfh

  2. Dang he don’t wanna be your friend because you “gay” that’s cold in my opinion that’s not what I call a real friend even if for example your Christian or Muslim and you religion is against stuff like that again in my opinion you should still kinda like accept it not treat them like an alien

  3. it is like oh yeah I don't have anything against darcker skin people but i just don't want them to be my friends or I just don't want to hang with them !!!Is that nice!? FK no it is not

  4. Yeah yeah I don't have anything against gay or bi or pan people but I'm not frieds with them !Wtf that is the moust homophobic shit I eve heard like come on they are people too just becuase they like the same sex does not mean they wana fuck your ugly ass come on I'm not gay bi or pan but I have friends and when somebody says oh I don't have anything against gays and than kicks his own firend out just for being diffrent that is homophobic biphobic or panphobic

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