I’m Coming Out

Filming it was easy, uploading it has been surprisingly nerve-racking. But sometimes you gotta talk the talk to make your walk easier.
I’m Kassie, also known as Gloom! I’m a variety gamer who does gameplay commentary on indie games and some bigger titles too. I also do silly sketches, challenges, Q&As, and whatever makes my Nimble Wimble’s smile. Let’s explore virtual worlds and have some laughs!

I do my best to upload at a few times a week (unless my life is a mess).


  1. I’m bi and I blurt it out accidentally to my friends and they’re surprised like I’m meant to have another sexuality but they still love me and I’m only 12 but I’m still hesitant to tell my parents even though they support lgbtq+ (I think ) but someone in my fam is gay and they support him so I’m sure thyme support me but I don’t know if I could tell them I’ll probs have to wait till I’m
    Older cause I don’t think I’m ready yet any advise

  2. So one day me and my best friend are talking in class. Then one of my other friends walks up and says really quickly, “Hey guys I’m bi.” And I said, “What?” since I couldn’t understand her. And she says, “I’m bi.” My other friend and I smiled so wide and hugged her. I’m saying this story because you should let people be who they want. Be proud of yourself and love yourself!❤️🏳️‍🌈💖

  3. also i laughed so hard at the ancient Greece joke :))))) I agree with everything yo said about it not mattering and that made me so happy that you believe it dosent matter because it really dosent 🙂 I'm bi myself and this just made me smile

  4. This is all you need to know Cassie, your label isn't important. You love, who you love, and you can love, whomever that is, regardless of gender, that's that. We love you and we support you. There is no need to label yourself, don't feel the pressure too. I love you. 🙂

  5. I found out a few days ago that I am the same as you. We all are perfect for who we are we are you beautiful human beings thats why we’re on earth, right? I just want to let everybody know that being who you are is perfect to let anybody drag you down. There are those people that are out there that say being this is wrong being that is wrong but on the inside they know that none of it is wrong. We are all humans no matter if were gay straight black or white. It doesn’t matter who you love what you love all that matters is that we love each other for who we are. We are all perfect no one can change that. And those people that are out there that make it seem like being this is wrong and being that is wrong, you’re disgusting and you shouldn’t say things like that. You gloom, kassie , It doesn’t matter what you are we all love you for who you are. And everybody else is reading this comment you are beautiful don’t let anybody bring you down ever. We are all queens nobody can destroy our castle .

  6. YES
    I'm pansexual too
    And nonbinary
    It's a good way to be honestly, because I can just fall in love with anyone and not care how they identify genderwise 💙

  7. I am 11 and i don't know if i am strainght,bisexual or lesbian but i feel feelings to a girl in my class and i think she feels the same and we REALLY like each other,we are best friends and i don't know how to tell her but i feel like i love her and i can never tell her , i tried a couple times but i always said something different and i just dont know who i am.I haven't told my parents or my sister and she is the one i trust the most and she is lesbian , i just dont know who i am or if i am a girl or boy.I just need some advice, and anyone that has this situation can u give me some advice. Thank u.

  8. I'm pan and bi… I don't know how that is I know it's weird…

    But we all still love you ❤️❤️ you're still a human you have feeling and people don't have a right to tell you some stuff because the thing is that they feel like they need to… But they don't…

    We love you Cassie ❤️❤️

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