1. To me that means you’re a cocksucker and in my experience they are more common and very useful to men like me.

  2. When I was younger I used to be the same and would just state to hook ups I only do oral. Anal’s not for everyone, you just gotta be forward about it

  3. Some people just don’t…it will filter some people our of your dating pool, but I doubt having sex you dislike will be productive.

  4. That’s cool, probably the wrong sub though. In interest of fairness, is it physical discomfort or mental? Some people aren’t built to enjoy it as much as others and some people just have hang-ups about the butt, either way you need to experiment and do a little self reflection. It might not be your thing but for many it takes some mastery to really enjoy it.

  5. Anal isn’t everything, if you wanna be a good bttm, work on that head game! A good blowjob can be just as good, and occasionally, better than anal.

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