I’m a bottom πŸ™„

I feel like every guy immediately sees that I’m a hairy kinda chubby guy with a beard and assumes I’m a top. Even when I tell them in not, I’ve gotta at least be Vers right? Wrong! I just want my hairy hole to be dommed and appreciated but I don’t want to change the way I am to make me seem more like a bottom. Obviously it’s all based on not great stereotypes but I feel like if I femmed it up a bit people would get used to me as a bottom. Does anyone have any experience or advice?


  1. You do you. Don’t change for people who don’t appreciate you for who you are. There’ll be people out there for you, it’s just a case of finding them which takes time.

  2. Hairy+chubby+beard+bottom, sounds amazing to me! Seriously though, be yourself. There are always going to be people making assumptions about you, but it’s the ones that take the time to ask, to learn about who you are, that are worthwhile.

  3. I’m really not masc at all, not heary at all, and i’m usually the funny guy who cracks jokes. Everybody assumes i’m a bottom because I don’t try to look musterious or deep

  4. You sound like the perfect bottom to me! You do you and don’t let people pressure you to be different.

  5. I think my idea partner would be chubby, shorter than me, and hairy. I would like a guy who is a little fem/sassy but I don’t think that is mutually exclusive with chubby and hairy.

  6. Stay just how you are. Plenty of guys, myself included, would love to have a go at a hairy chubby bottom boy πŸ˜‰

  7. Just be who the fuck you are. The key to happiness is not giving a fuck about what people think.

  8. Don’t change. You’re a bottom, and you are the way you are. You’ll find people who accept it and want you ravenously

  9. Masc bottoms are great. I’m one myself (most the time). Don’t feel you have to go femme just to get Topped. There are plenty of guys out there into Topping masculine men. It would be a shame to change who you are just to stick to some pretty problematic stereotypes. My only advice is be true to yourself and be patient.
    Are you into the leather scene at all? Lots of masc for masc subs and tops there.

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