If I can be serious for a minute

Just got back from a really hot hookup this morning, and I was thinking about how fortunate we all are here. I remember life after AIDS came but before PrEP, and I also spent most of my adult life in a monogamous relationship with a woman, who (as much as I love her) just doesn’t want sex as often as i do. I’ve also lived in places where it’s dangerous to be gay.

And now, I have apps, medical protection, a *relatively* gay-friendly culture, and so many hot boys eager to fuck I’ll never run out. We are among a tiny percentage of men who have ever existed to get this much ass so safely and confidently. We’re lucky/fortunate/whatever you want to call it. It’s so great!

I should think about that privilege more often, and try to help our friends from other sexual minority groups who face bigger problems. No promises, but maybe I’ll go volunteer at some nonprofit that helps trans people, or gay teenagers in backwards states or countries… it’s the least I can do in between all the sex.


  1. Also, please please don’t forget the courage of those that brought us here. Those who are dead because they were gay. Those who fought the police. Those who spoke out and didn’t accept shame for who they are. Those who didn’t accept the illness was gay-related. (Early on, AIDS was called GRID: gay-related immune disorder. We know now that nomenclature was more a reflection of the bias of the time than any basis in science or statistics.)

    For those who fought, and those who continue to fight, thank you.

  2. If only more people stopped for one minute to think about helping others, this would be a much better world.

    Thank you, friend, for bringing this to our attention, and making **me** think about what I can do to help as well.

  3. You are absolutely right and it still pays to be careful. Guys lie about status and I don’t fuck without condoms even though I know I am negative.

  4. I think about this a lot. I specifically think about how porn is impacting us because prior to the internet it was hard to get porn. But now I’ve likely seen more dicks and asses and even vaginas and boobs than all of my human ancestors. I’m not anti-porn or porn-free or anything but I mean it’s a valid question.

    I’m happily concerned about living in the age of internet porn and grindr.

  5. Were you married then? I get urges to just be a bottom slut sometimes, but I’m in a serious relationship.

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