I Was Never In The Closet!! | Growing Up Gay

Hope You guys enjoy!!! lol Thought I’d bring you all something new & cute! A Convo with my sister about her watching me growing up gay, things from her point of view etc. We talked about SO Much! Any Questions? Comment Below!

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  1. You two are adorable together. It's wonderful you have a good family support system.She is also a flawless black Goddess! She reminds of Lisa Bonnet or Erica Badu. She has that cool, smooth, Earth Mother vibe. Like she could write a poem about oppression, nurse a baby, grow a garden, eat vegan, roll a blunt, and lead a Feminist movement all in one afternoon.
    One Love.

  2. This made me cry. You both remind me so much of me and my brother. Nothing happen to him. I’m just a cry baby because I love him soo much. You remind me of him ❤️

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