I Think I'm Gay. Do I Have To Come Out? – Sexy Times With Gurl

Sexy Times Episode 4
“I Think I’m Gay. Do I Have To Come Out?”

Coming out is a serious issue and one that gets a lot of coverage. Sure, coming out can be an important part of your sexual identity and journey. But, what if you think you’re gay and aren’t quite ready to tell the world yet…or even your loved ones? Do you have to come out? Lena is here to walk you through this tricky decision process and figure out what’s the right choice for you and when’s the right time to make it.

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  1. Queer is an umbrella term for every identity in the lesbian gay bisexual transgender or LGBT community. So any lesbain or gay person could also identify as queer. I've also heard it used more commonly to refer to gender. So a person who isn't exactly comfortable identifying as fully female or male could say they are gender queer or just queer. Basically queer just means outside of social norms like heterosexuality or traditional genders. Hope that helps.

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