I MADE $14.80 at PLATO's? | Plato's Closet Selling Experience

❤️ Boy, was that something ❤️


Hey guys,
I FINALLY CLEANED OUT MY CLOSET!!! I can’t even remember the last time that happened lol. I filmed this video bringing you guys along with me, gosh was I naiive. I thought I knew all I needed to know, going into Plato’s closet, but I was so wrong haha. In the end, I sold only 7 items to Plato’s, and the ones they ended up choosing were a complete shock to me. What I’d reccomend to do next time is first ask the store staff for a list of the items the are currently looking for. This helps condense how much clothes to bring and gives an insight as to what they are looking for. Overall, this experience was super fun, and I hope to do it again the next time I cant a huge closet cleanout ^_^ Thanks so much for watching and have a great day ❤️




  1. I know this is from two years ago but honestly, her clothes weren’t cute at all. Like if I was buying the clothes from her, I only would have bought 3 of those things.

  2. Mercari and Poshmark would of paid what they gave you all together at Platos for just one pair of jeans. All of that you gave them would of earned you close to $150- $200 bucks. This is why online shopping is beating the actual store shopping.

  3. I noticed there are a lot of people who work at Plato's in the comment section, when I am no longer a minor I want to work there too and I was wondering how well you get paid and how good the job is.

  4. Thanks for this video. I thought I would get more money for my clothing. I wasn't sure how it worked. Judging by what I've seen on YouTube, it's not worth the gas money I would have to pay to get there and back. (25 mins away) I am pretty disappointed.

  5. The last time I went they gave me $120. I was so surprised…they had to give me a check because they couldn't give out that much in cash. I think I brought in more clothes than I thought haha

  6. Great vid./channel,  new subbie. Thanks for sharing. I <3 finding items at Plato's . Take care. 🙂 Ttyl..Oh, I can't believe you only got $14.80..you items are cute. ~ Btw my comment below..is kind of how I feel about the "clothes" sit. :-/

  7. hey girl! you are so pretty! you are so creative, I can tell you keep it real and I love your channel.  would love to sub to support each other.. let me know if you like my channel & your down 😊

  8. I've made over $300 selling at platos over 8 different trips. What I have learned since my first couple of times I tried to sell is to only bring things in that you really think they will buy. If you have a concern about something not selling because it is outdated or it is possibly out of fashion then do not bring it. The people who work at platos normally buy all of my items because I wash dry and iron my items before bringing them in, and I only bring in things which I seriously expect them to buy. The presentation of your items is important. I also did a test where I brought in the exact same container of clothes twice. The first time with one buyer I made $24. The second time with a different buyer I made $54. Every buyer is a little different. I hope this little bit of info helped! I'm still learning when it comes to selling at platos, but I love the extra cash!

  9. I work at Platos closet and a lot of people don't understand the way we price things and that we aren't a thirst store and we don't take everything that walks through the door. We get overstocked on items constantly, and we can't take things that wouldn't sell for the store.

  10. I work at Platos, and a lot of clothes don't get bought by us because they are out of the 1 – 1 and a half year window. What people don't understand is we aren't a thrift store, we buy clothes that look like it just came from another store. We give the public the opportunity to make money , but we want our clothes to be trendy and nice looking. We don't want our clothes to look used, if that makes sense 🙂

  11. just so you know older items do not sell well for us, so that could be why your platos didnt purchase your items! i hope this helps a little! it also depends on the season as well so if it's fall or winter then with summer clothes we would have to be just a little more selective with what we take in! 🙂

  12. I've had the same thing happen to me, buying at their grab bag and selling back lol. It's so hit or miss and they can be a little insulting. I would sell on poshmark, it's all about styling! If you don't already have an account use the code HSJJW and get $10 credit. Leave me your user name so I can share your stuff, in a suggested user so I have high visibility 🙂

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