i have a TIGHT hole 😫 need help

so everytime i go out with a guy. everythings going fine until we hit off the bed. ive dated 5 guys already. not just for hook up. after a few or so months, i would give in myself. and everytime i bottom, we cant go further cos my ass is so tight. i used lube,lots of lube. tried to relax more but failed. which killed the moment. its been like that. i tried bringing up alternatives but to no avail. so i just got dumped today because of that as well.


  1. Have you tried toys? Start really small and work your way up. Spend time each day doing it until you’ve learned to relax.

    The more you fail at this in real life, the more nervous you’ll become which just makes you tense the next time. Break the cycle and work on yourself at home alone.

  2. My first time, it only took a couple minutes of prodding before he stretched inside me., and I hardly ever did anything related stretching at home. Granted, it really was tight fit and I felt like I was gonna rip, but all went well. You may just need a little extra play in your free time. And to the guy who commented previously, you don’t need to be rude, dipshit.

  3. /u/dragongrundle was a bit rude in his response but he wasn’t wrong. I wasn’t able to consistently take even an average sized cock until I started training my ass in my free time. I started with small butt plugs and small dildos then worked my way up. Training your ass is incredibly fun and pleasureful when you do it right. Start small, relax, lots of lube, and go. Progressing to larger toys is rewarding and knowing you can take almost any sized cock is worth the time spent.

  4. Man, fuckin’ stretch yourself. Jesus, look up anal 101 and you’re gonna hafta put in the work and stretch ur ass out man. The problem is you, not your men.
    It’s gonna take some work, some pain, but in the end it’ll be worth it. But it takes work. You can’t just dead starfish this shit and expect it to be like all the fantasies. It takes work and lube, LOTS OF LUBE, and no bleeding, but lube, and stretching, and work.

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