How Women React When They See a Muscular Man (Watch the Video)

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  1. I like it. This is a "prank" or "practical joke" or "social experiment" that is harmless and everyone can enjoy. Besides, who doesn't want to see girls be happy?

  2. Yeah- so a lot of the girls are probably laughing because its FUNNY that a dude asks for a pic and then whips his shirt off. Its a weird, unexpected thing to happen out of the blue like that.

  3. This is nothing but the dark side of reality rearing its ugly head. And b4 everybody that doesn't have a six pack goes crazy (i certainly don't have one) just understand that if u put in the work like dude did to look like that then the benefits is that women will be attracted to u. And not all but your chances increase. Same way a woman with a nice figure has more men wanting them. If you're a guy and u have a problem with the women in this video acting that way its probably because u want that same effect. So go to the gym but if u reach dude status understand that everything that glitters isn't gold. These women that want him or are attracted to his physical features doesn't mean they're women worth his time, it just means they're willing to give him their time.

  4. Have you heard your voice? What are you 13? Ever heard of body hair? It's a man thing you should try it sometime. By the way, muscles don't compensate for lack of dick size.

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