1. The first time at a gay bar we did maintenance on their reach in coolers and cleaned the coils on both their ac’s.

  2. Fucking scary!

    My 18th birthday was on a Sunday, and an older friend invited me out to a gay nightclub on that Saturday night. I was still officially 17 years old when I rocked up at 11:45pm.

    I didn’t have my drivers licence yet, so I was on public transport. When I arrived outside the club, my friend told me that there was no room to stay at his place because all these other people were crashing there. I had to find my own way home – except that public transport in those days ended shortly after midnight. So I either had to leave immediately to catch the last train home, or go into the club and find somewhere else to stay. In other words, if I went into the club, I *HAD* to pick up.

    I went in.

    I was terrified. There were all these men dancing and drinking, and my friend went off with his other friends and left me there all alone. I bought a drink and sat in the corner by myself for an hour, just watching. I was totally out of my depth. I’d met lots of gay men before, and was sexually experienced, but this was totally new. I didn’t know how to meet a man in a nightclub – and I *HAD* to meet one or I was going to end up on the streets that night.

    About 1:00am, I figured my time was running out. (I didn’t realise the club stayed open till 5:00am!) So I moved to the dance floor. I found a man who seemed friendly and a bit nerdy, and who was by himself. I don’t remember the details (I was probably so nervous that my mind wasn’t working properly), but I remember that I ended up dancing with him.

    Later he took me home. It was pleasant enough, but we didn’t meet up again.

    If a terrified 17 year old boy can manage to survive the experience even when he *HAS* to pick up, you’ll be fine. 🙂

  3. I’ve never been. But I’ve decided no more apps and meet people in person instead so I’m gonna need any advice I can get.

  4. It’s like a glitter bomb exploded inside a small space!

    Alcohol, loud music, always at least one chandelier and a disco ball and lots of fruitcakes.

  5. I don’t know about you, but personally i had this idea that gay nightclubs were THE place to seduce other gay men etc etc. The first time, i went just to see, cause a “friend” i barely knew figured he’d show me. And i learned that, at least in France, it’s not in our culture to meet and share anything with stangers in nightclubs.

    I mean, yeah it seems like some others do it, but i see mostly groups of friends staying all night exclusively with each other. No one barely comes to me to meet me or even hit on me even though i’m very successful when it comes to that usually.

    So that first time, i was pleased cause i had come to discover and just look at the vibe, the music, how much people were having fun. And it was great! Danced for a few hours then went home. A few next times, though, were quite a disappointment, but hey now i go there only to dance and have fun and it’s cool 🙂

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