How To Wax Cars While Wet – Chemical Guys


Professional detailers know the best tricks that save time by combining certain steps. Using the right product and tools can cut time without compromising perfect results and the best shine.

Watch as Greg spreads wax over a wet car just after a wash. Butter Wet Wax is specially formulated to easily spread over wet or dry surfaces. The unique wax blend repels water and bonds directly to the paintwork without any effect on shine or wax coat life.

Save time, cut out extra steps, and maximize shine and wax coat life with Butter Wet Wax from Chemical Guys!

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  1. With Traditional wax you need to stay away from black plastic items such as trim etc.
    Does this apply for this application also? That would make the drying process a little problematic if you need to keep this product off of those items.

  2. So I am just wondering I know he says that butter wet wax can be buffed off immediately can you do the whole car and then come back and buff off. I know some waxes will allow you to wax the whole car and then buff it off.

  3. Great I got this in the bucket kit because it was cheaper to buy the kit than the lid. What can I use for windows, including the front? Same stuff? Full sun? Got the applicator pads in the plastic ready to go. 🙂

  4. waxing while wet is a nice feature it saves about 20mins I use it with one of their gloss enhancer wash black light, citrus or wash and wax it leaves a nice shine with every wash and they say its ok to wax as often as you like with every wash

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