How To Wash Your Raw Denim Jeans – Part 2 – Naked and Famous, APC, Nudies

Sharky (Jing) Liu designer of has been wearing his pair of Naked and Famous selvage (selvedge) denim for 18 months. The model is Weird Guy Indigo which is practically stubborn to fade compared to other models.

This video will you the best way of washing your raw denim jeans while minimizing indigo loss.

See full info and instructions here:


  1. cant believe u guys are washing your jeans after so long.. thats fucking nasty. Just turn that shit inside out when u notice there are stains/dirt marks.. use colour safe detergent and wash it in warm water.. DONE. Dont make it so complicated

  2. He may have bought them 18 months ago, but the rule of thumb is 4-6 months of everyday wear. He would have had to wear these 2-3x per week to get decent fades. Evidently, he didn't average that many wears per week because he has very low contrast fades. The only significant fades (crotch and cuff) are from improper storage or folding of the denim. Shelf fades, lol. Sorry, but this pair is not impressive at all.

  3. am i the only one that find it funny how they bought these expensive pair of raw denim but are washing them in the most ghetto of bathrooms. It looks like they're operating an illegal DVD pirating operation as well… LOL! But still one of the best washing video guides around? 🙂

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