How to stay safe when visiting Vietnam

The local guides of Back of the Bike Tours give you some simple tips that will keep you safe while travelling to Vietnam!
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  1. I was just talking with my hair stylist today who is Vietnamese and ask her if its safe there. She said no it wasn't. She said you can't wear jewelry because people will snatch it. She said police response is extremely slow. She said she prefers the US. Ironically their was a drug deal going down right in front of her store front here in Portland OR . The crime and homeless in Portland is bad.

  2. i was born and raised up in vietnam and learn English here. No offense but everytime i heard their strong Vietnamese accent while speakin english tho. i be like fuck that's sound a bit gay. LOL

  3. I go to Vietnam every year in summer for atleast 4 weeks for the past 4-5 years I have never ever experienced any people be dangerous around me or trying to snatch/rob me!

  4. Great video…I love Saigon–Ho Chi Minh ……No disrespect, but the girls are so cute and adorable…..I know, I got lucky fourteen years ago and found my Linh……..

  5. Yes Vietnam is safe… just jus your common sense, anywere in the world dont act like a stupid turist, Saigon is defenetly one of the few citys You have to see,,, To Saigon ( thankyou for the best vacation ive ever had…

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