How To Sleep With A Disc Bulge

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  1. I won’t disparage any of you that have one disc bulge or a herniation and talk about being able to get some sleep?

    When you have six bulging disc and one ruptured disc L5 S one that is a spondylolisthesis and without the aid of some kind of a drug I can’t get one hour sleep and even with the drug I get to the 2 1/2 hours sleep. But the drugs bother me I just had my seventh anniversary with this condition be happy if you can get some sleep.

  2. Traction, decompression, takes pressure off nerve. I actually healed myself this way, takes a lot of time, two months, crutches to get around. Neglected stretching, came back five years later, back to traction, fives months since it came back, much better, no movement nerve pain, soreness still, not bad, ninety five percent better.J.H.

  3. Only time o get sleep is when I take muscle relaxers n tylenol 4 n like 3 blunts n I'm just too exhausted from being awake and watching boring utube videos until my brain goes asleep to the voice on forensic files

  4. I've had a bulging disc in my L4/5 now for a complete 7 days & it feels like 7 years basically went from 30 to 80 overnight..I'm talking can't walk sit stand or bend at the waist but I remained mentally strong from the beginning and that's key number 1you have to know that you won't be defeated (with a support system)
    next is seeing doctors, getting a MRI for
    some temporary meds
    (Cortisone Shot to maybe but you some time of relief)
    invest in a comfortable mattress (Memory Foam)
    Switch up eating habits to a more healthier lifestyle (Fruits & Veggies, Cleansing Options)
    Acupuncture, Cupping, Yoga (Yoga when ur able to)
    And repeat hope that help

    Ps: Oh and Google & Youtube are your best friends

  5. Same problem here; not able to sit, stand still without horrendous pain,
    laying on my back gives a bit a relief but it gets worse in the morning
    (after having been up every hour because of discomfort. Doing so many stretches, exercises, etc… To no avail, or only slightly.

  6. the human body is an absolute piece of rubbish. i never knew so many people are suffering with spinal problems and bulging discs until i myself fell victim to this horrendous condition . i have L4 L5 S1 bulging discs with s1 being the main cause pressing into my sciatic nerve . 2 nights ago i had the most insane pain i was screaming so hard and loud with pain im pretty sure the neighbors heard me . i fell to the floor in pain and thats where i slept until morning came . its ruined my life . if i dont recover i have a big bag of pure caffeine powder that im going to drink a shitload of to commit suicide.

  7. I've done research on dislocated disc herniated disc my research has found me too lay on a flat surface therefore like the floor I put a sheet of wood on my bed for two months now I've been sleeping on it face down with a u pillow or side to side face. by far the first 4 weeks Felt great after I noticed I started having neck issues and back issues so I started sleeping on my back 3 weeks later my lower back pain came back and I've been thinking maybe I should put something underneath lower back but was not sure after watching this video I will certainly do that I do have three dislocated disc meniscus disease and chronic arthritis disease but my back the pain is just unbearable 97% of my days I am only 32 years of age and then and have this problem for about 13 years now but as of the past two years pain has been getting worse. I do have a little round long old school pillow shape I do use when I sit down feels much better what did you say this pillow you speak of is and where can I get one thank you very much

  8. There are lots of videos about not bending forward during the day. I was afraid that he would say that sleeping curled up on my side is the WRONG position and makes my bulging disc worse. Because of his recommendation to sleep on my stomach, I looked up a special face pillow to order…

  9. I have neck, thoracic and lumbar buldges and hernias the best for me is a recliner but in  almost up right position with  neck support. just getting out of it is the hard part.

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