How To Ice Skate And Glide For Beginners – Skating 101 For The First Time Learn To Skate Tutorial

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How To Ice Skate And Glide For Beginners – Ice Skating 101 For The First Time Learn To Skate. This tutorial describes a basic technique of ice skating called gliding or forward stroking.

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This video was request and probably should have been one of the first videos I ever uploaded. Better late than never.



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  1. I already know how to skate😭 I'm just trying to learn tricks besides splits and backwards skating bc those lame and normal 😂

  2. Yooo I learned hot to skate when I was little and damn you made it so much difficult than what it actually is.

    For ppl that didn’t get the video basically what you got to do is get a good size of skates and then grab into the wall for you to to fall and just go slowly till you get it and get speed then let. Go and your skate but first try to walk in the floor with the skate before entering the ice get your balance once you can Walk with the skates on floor go into the ice and do all what I said before that’s how I learned when I was little

  3. @hockeytutorial you should do a tutorial for choosing the right ice skating shoes. I searched ice skates on canadian tire and bombarded with various shoes like recrational, figure, and hockey skates. Im mainly buying one just to skate for fun, but ive heard that it's best to buy a hockey skate since it's firmer (which is great for me because i tend to wobble). Im not even sure if it is true

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