How To Get Rid Of Smudges And Fingerprints – Chemical Guys Just The Tip


Jenn shows us the importance of having to use a quick detail spray like Speed Wipe to properly take care of stubborn smudges and fingerprints. Chemical Guys Speed Wipe is a gloss enhancing quick detail spray designed to deliver a static-free mirror shine in minutes. The all new Speed Wipe is 100% wax free, formulated with pure gloss enhancers to deliver a perfect finish. Speed Wipe is engineered to repel dust by reducing static cling by up to 75%. Chemical Guys Speed wipe cleans, shines, and protects using advanced UV solar blocking technology. Quickly and easily remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, and smudges in seconds making Speed Wipe Jenn’s weapon of choice on this black F-150.

Speed Wipe Quick Detail Spray:
Happy Ending Microfiber Towel Black:

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  1. drives into chemical guys with a car that looks like it was used for illicit deeds "gonna need a decon"
    chemical guys looks at the car "Deluxe decon?"
    "$595+extra there…"

  2. Here in East Tennessee, within 10 seconds of washing your car it is covered with pollen. My poor Blue turns yellow. So I just went out and sprayed half the car with Speed Wipe to see if the coating will repel the pollen. I know it is a great detailer and leaves a very nice glass finish

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