How many tops here hairy assholes?

I know lots of tops here like hairy guys but how many like or prefer completely unshaved holes too? I’ve always shaved at least around my hole because it feels better when fucking (to me) and I figured it’s preferable for rimming too. But it does seem a bit weird to just shave my hole and not my whole ass or legs. I always use a bidet and wash my ass thoroughly so not concerned about hair as a cleanliness issue.

What’s your preference? Hairy or shaved holes (and/or ass and legs)?


  1. Not a top but my boyfriend hates when I shave around my hole because he says it feels like sandpaper to him! He loves my ass/ hole moderately hairy so i just make sure i trim around there every 2 weeks or so!

  2. I enjoy fucking a hairy hole, I like looking down and knowing I’m in a guy’s ass.

    However, I only eat smooth asses. I think that’s why I’m fascinated with Asian guy’s asses.

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