How long between sessions?

I don’t know if I’m abnormal here, but after a session of anal, my hole gets super tight and tender for at least 24 hours, even if the anal wasn’t that rough. Can’t take anything in there without bleeding and pain during that time. After that time, it loosens up and goes back to normal.

Of course, this sucks when you’re staying over someone’s house and wanna do anal every few hours, but I just can’t do a round two!!

What am I doing wrong??


  1. Obvious questions would be lube and how big the dick is. If you’re just using spit or insufficient lube I can see why you would be a bit sore. I have used larger dildos, went to dinner, came back and kept going. I’m not sure how other guys are.

  2. Practice anal stretching more often. Three times a week + sexual intercourse works for me. I used to have the same problem.

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