how I came out (and what my parents think)


shot by Eric Lombart & Zack Wallnau

make ups by Caitlyn Brisbin

produced by Reed Hedani

grip – Melissa Gasca, John Lee, Megan Pham

sound – John Lee

edited by Zac Surprenant


  1. I wish all parents were this loving and accepting! Mine certainly aren’t. Ugh. And I’m still living with them at age 37. Single and alone and I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to Transition from Male to Female to be my True Authentic Self as a Transgender Lesbian Christian Woman 👩 Prayers appreciated! I’m Milena! She/Her pronouns! Thanks! God Bless! Hugs 🤗

  2. Mormons ceased the practice of Polygamy in 1890. Sadly there are cults in America who practice polygamy illegally in remote areas. On the other hand, those men who belong to the Islam faith can marry up to 4 wives.

  3. Your dad's responses killed me, he was honest in a hilarious way while being respectful of your mom, and his dad joke about bi/buy was the cherry on top.

    Thanks for sharing your story!

  4. I am bi (and autistic), and if other people think I am marginalised then I want to throw on them. I hope they left their car at home and have a long way to walk. Marginalisation in the western world is a mindset, not a reality. Stop being marginalised.

  5. Polygamy is great only if both marriage partners comprehend. The landlord was exploitation but yet my wife think irrationality. She think landlord give her house. Technically the government should in emergency shut down house. So she broke marriage rules. I told her yes to another man if he qualified. He dont qualified. Anyway i saw on television polygamous couple look very cool interested. // good luck to all people worldwide on relationships.

  6. Male or female or LGBT. A person should be honest you want a one night stand. Or relationship. Or marriage. // im a victim vomiting because landlord dont repair radiator. A senator laugh at me. My wife tries to marriage landlord. Omg . i become homeless people and got tired of liars. // so please people worldwide grow up show dignity and respect to one another. Stop playing games with people lives.

  7. Im transsexual pansexual(( specific bisexual person for marriage). But as a victim no political party help me. No lawyer help me. Im homeless people over this to be honest i quit voting . my landlord had radiator so hot. As the victim i vomit. The government didn't care. The pipe broke. So i become homeless people. My wife declined to be my witness. So im file a divorce with my stimulus check. I do feel bad for women victims. But im a victim nobody did anything. Ive got gray hairs. Political parties tell lies. Nobody did one thing .

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