How GAY is Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

TONS of Costa Rica Travel INFO & VIDEOS at Hey GUYS! Manuel Antonio, located centrally on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, has long been known as one of the most gay-friendly destinations in all of Latin America. And at one time that may have been true. But did Manuel Antonio ever become the Mykonos of Central America? Check out the truth about the picturesque, Manuel Antonio.


  1. Thanks d'angelo 🙂
    looking forward for that…

    If you don't mind, I have another question:
    I know that smoking in bars and clubs is not allowed anymore. However, do people keep the law? I don't like the smell…

  2. My partner and I plan to visit the last week of May, 2013. We are kinda having trouble choosing where to stay. We like the idea of Villa Roca and Banana Azul. We like a little night life but mostly want to chill and relax. Maybe find a nice quiet beach hangout. Can you guys help us out? Il'll give you an email address so you can contact us directly if you will please. [email protected]

  3. Yes, I fell into this habit by the early '80s. Mgt would inform me it was a gay establishment and I'd say yes, I prefer that. Everyone happy. A gay bed/bkfst in Boston, you needed a password to book there by phone. Wonderful place, most guests not even gay! They just wanted "quality." They only had one very basic room left & had the honesty to inform us that it was BASIC and we really appreciated that. That place was a bargain, anyway! 🙂

  4. Im costarican and im straight I live in Canada and ive become very open minded about gay people. Unfortunately the.way people are raised there doesnt think that way I think because is a catholic country. I love my homeland and I thank u all gay , straight and bi people that go vacation there and boost the.economy I.also wanna thank this guys for putting up this channel.

  5. This is useful to me ANYWAY because I prefer places which HAVE gay-friendly businesses but I'm a straight female who just PREFERS gay businesses, especially hotels & places to stay. I find the service and atmosphere better, more friendly. My spouse feels the same way. A party atmosphere is not needed for us, but of course many want just THAT! Very good, frank video. Uprated and shared.

  6. OMG!! Yo soy de Costa Rica, y es cierto en general la gente es muy amigable pero no les recomiendo decir que soy gays… Al menos no abiertamente ya que les puede traer algún problema, x lo demás les recomiendo visitar bares gay como: B8 o la abispa en San José. Suerte! Son grandiosos

  7. It sounds like things start in popularity with the gay travelers there and then become "gentrified" into the straight world for frequenting. I guess that is a form of flattery! -'tarotworldtour'

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