1. are you talking about just kissing? or are you asking about what comes after?

    if its kissing just lean in for it he most likely will meet you halfway. if you aren’t sure tho, just ask if you can kiss him. some tips, vrush your teeth about 30 min before you don’t want bad breath but strong mint also isn’t good. tilt your head to the side a bit so you dont break his and your noses. as much as the movies have people close their eyes before they touch you might want to keep your open until after you start kissing so you dont headbutt the other guy.

    if you want advice on how to start what comes after, you can start kissing and just let your hands go where they want to, for some reason they always know what to do next. or if you want to be a bit more bold have them sit on a couch or bed and get on the ground between their legs (or vice versa depending) or get right on top of them for a makeout session.

  2. ahah.
    After you talk for a while, Just look him closely in the eyes, start stroking his hair, put your hand behind his head and go for it


  3. My move is I touch a spot of bare skin so an arm or a knee. Most people get excited by physical touch like this and things start from there.

  4. Start rubbing his thigh. If he is ok with that than just look him in the eye, and slowly go in for the kiss. This way he will know whats coming, but if he’s not ready he can avoid without ot being too awkward.

  5. Just go with the flow?

    I don’t know… I really like the moment where you lock eyes and you just kind of know it’s coming. It’s like everything goes on autopilot

  6. *clap* Body Language *clap*

    Basically, make sure your body language is open. Face towards the guy, smile, laugh if he tells a joke, even if it isn’t funny. Once both of you are comfortable slowly move closer to him. Make it clear you want to touch and kiss him without necessarily making the first move unless you want to.

    That’s from the perspective of a pretty sub bottom, so I can’t offer as much advice in terms of actually taking initiative.

  7. I’ve only ever been a top so I’ll tell you my patented top move: touch him and say “you’re hella cute. I’m glad you’re here.” And go in for the kiss.

    Maybe some bottoms can give a tutorial on how to receive that.

  8. Idk….u put ur lips on his and game on..you can google if u want to know how to use tongue or for the first time in life use pornhub for educational purposes

  9. If you have ever done anything with a girl, just do the same thing. Get a feel for the situation and if the chemistry is there go in for a kiss unless he does first. Also don’t be afraid to tell him to take the lead if he is more experienced than you. Don’t get in your head about it, just go with the flow as you would on any other date.

  10. This is going to sound dumb because it is from a really stupid move. But if you have ever seen Hitch, one of the tips he gives is go 90% and let them go the oth 10. I’m bi and I can attest It actually works on men and women. You know as long as they are into you.

  11. You turn to him. Get your face halfway the distance to his face from your starting point. If he doesn’t get it, then you put your hand on his knee. If he still doesn’t get it, move your hand upwards his thigh. Then stop for a minute. He will lean in and do the rest.

  12. There are enough good advices so I just want to say I keep my fingers crossed for you, have some nice romantic kissing 🙂 you don’t have to go further the first time, but if you do, then I also keep my fingers crossed for the best sex you can get 😊🤗

  13. here’s one of the favorite ways ive made out with a stranger. start by holding hands and looking at each other in the eyes. just teasing each other with a few distant but inviting touches will make it feel like a hot romance. Put your hand on his upper thigh. Lean in and whisper something into his ear. Tease him with your best asset (your smile), and you’ll literally be begging to kiss each other.

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