Hot Guys, Dripping Wet

This time I think the title is pretty clear. Photos of beautiful men with more than the average amount of water pouring down them. “More than average” for Texas, that is. I’m sure that in a place like Portland or Seattle, this amount of water seems perfectly normal.

And yes, this is just another slideshow. But as usual I hope that I bring some kind of style to it that makes it better than the average YouTube compilation of photos, more interesting and hopefully sexier.


  1. ok stop I LOVED it n MY GOD there were a few times were I literally died at seeing the photo even now my hearts racing Damn women dat profile was Amazing lemme know when u make another one

  2. @Steffi2114 Oh, sure. I just kept asking because you really hadn't said enough for me to understand what you meant to say.

    Of course it's all a matter of taste. Just like 29Essan complaining that they had no chest hair, or when I get criticized because all the guys are white. It's all a matter of personal preference, and we're free to like what we like. I even agree that some guys go too far. Santiago Aragon used to be beautiful, but then he kept up with the bodybuilding and now he's freakish.

  3. @29Essan Sorry if the video disappointed you. I actually prefer cute, smooth-skinned boys. I find body hair a real turn off, but we don't all have to want the same things of course.

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