Hot Guys at Gay AVN!

An insiders view of “Gay AVN”. Get to know these incredibly good-looking men and find out how and why they do what they do.


  1. Porn is about lies… If you don't like the fake gay for pay thing don't pay for it like I woud never do. These guys are not really heterosexuals and It pisses off not because they are liars but because They think They're somehow better than the gay ones! And I still don't understand why some gay men buy or watch gay porn movies with so called straight guys in over the gay ones, That's pretty pathetic!

  2. @ 3:37 BULLSHIT! you are getting naked with dudes….they are sucking your cock or you are sucking theirs…you are getting fucked in the ass or they are fucking you….an erection is needed….so if your not turned on by men how do you stay erect to do a film.?

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