Hot Desi Boy Aadi Massaged Muscular Harry in Indian Style

Hey guys ! I am back with a new male to male massage video of Harry by me. Siddharth has got good Body and fond of wearing good underwear and briefs. Check his new american underwear with dark blue strip. This massage videos showcases front and back massage. Learn the technique and apply to your partner to rejuvenate the relationship.

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Shooting Location : Delhi

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Please watch: “Aadvik Chest Massage By Desi Boy Aadi”



  1. Great massage, not sure why he was wearing a mask but his bulge was quite noticeable until near the end when he started to lose it quite obviously

  2. Kuchh vi Maja nehi Aya.. 👎👎👎
    Massage World Ka.. Few videos.. Kuchh Din Pahele YouTube meh Aya Tha..
    Use Dekhkar.. Yeh.. Massage Video.. Feelings Ki Toh Duuuuuurrrr..
    Dekhne Ka vi Mon hi nehi laga..

    Aap Jab.. Pehele.. Kuchh video DHAMAKA Macha Diya Tha.. Aab try Karo usse vi Better karne Ka..

  3. The men should freely allow themselves to experience hard-ons or erections while enjoying that wonderful full body massage. PLEASE ALLOW FOR THAT TO HAPPEN. THANK YOU

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