High school wrestling is a little gay….

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  1. Wrestling is a mental and physical sport. You can wrestle for a team but once you’re on the mat your wrestling for yourself. Not everybody is required to wear a singlet. It’s been proven that wrestling is the hardest sport in highschool. Just a reminder football players wear butt pads and slap each others asses. Whatever I mean you look like you’re into getting your ass whooped anyways.

  2. Nigga this little ignorant brat. Btw i like how all the wrestlers conment stuff like: Wait till you come face to face with a wrestler and get dropped

  3. Highschool wrestling has taught me so much. Unless you actually do it you don't have the right to talk shit about it. Wrestling is the greatest sport i have ever done. And yes, I play football and run track, but nothing has taught me to be strong like wrestling.

  4. I can see why it would be viewed as gay though, the awkward and uncomfortably looking grappling positions, people grabbing and holding on to each other, weird submissions, etc. don’t get me wrong the sport is extremely competitive and demanding, it’s not easy and it’s one of the harder sports out there but it still can look gay through just saying

  5. Are you stupid you sit there and say high school wrestling is gay but we have to run 5 miles every other day and I bet it IS the hardest sport in high school. If you were to get on the mat with me I would pin you in 10 seconds. The practices we have would make you cry.

  6. Kid, unless you've wrestled, then don't talk shit. Pick a fight with one of these "gay wrestlers" and you'll see. Not that I want to see you get hurt, but don't talk shit when you don't know shit.

  7. Sorry Jocks, you may not be gay but you participate in a sport THAT WAS INVENTED BY GAY MEN IN ANCIENT GREECE. Getting all butthurt (no pun intended) and calling the kid a faggot and acting tough does not erase the fact that you PARTICIPATE IN A SPORT THAT WAS INVENTED BY GAY MEN and is therefore A GAY SPORT. Trying to deny it merely makes you look even more ridiculous. The next time a guy puts his crotch on your butt and wraps his hands around your waist yell out loud that this is not gay and you are all man, and then watch the audience snicker and laugh.

  8. this is what people would say who don't do any sports or just don't do wrestling in general, we'll see what happens when he's face to face with someone who wrestled and then gets dropped

  9. Dude you're so fucking dumb just get off youtube you're probably in high school and still haven't hit puberty. You probably wouldn't last a day wrestling

  10. Alright tine to debunk
    1. Belive it or not i was the kid wrestling the kid that shit him self his name is dylan khone of Florida and he shit him self because of a stomach bug.
    2. Please tell me where u know wrestling from because ive been doing it for 10 years and i have never learned a move where u grab a guys junk
    3. The reason why we where the singlet is 2 not break our fucking hands if it hets caught up in a shirt, gii etc.

  11. You have a Justin beiber cut, wearing a hat inside your house with your shirt off and you are calling wrestling gay? I think you better reassess what gay is.

  12. Shut the fuck up you little queer. Get a hair cut and put a shirt on. The fact that you call singlets "leotards" shows you know nothing about the sport.

  13. Actually, Chris you do have some good points.  For those of you calling him all sorts of names and trying to hurt him just makes his point all that much more credible.  Way to go Chris, it's hard sometimes to stand up for what you believe in.  Don't ever lose that bro!  Blessings-you're courageous!!

  14. You are a fucking idiot, the purpose of wrestling is NOT to stick your nuts in someone else's face, its to win, just like any other sport. And yes, some of the positions are unfortunately pretty disturbing, but it isnt gay. Ask a wrestler if they are gay, and if they say no, then weakling is not gay.

  15. Well ig if you weren't insecure about yourself you would be fine…. Also a guy crapped his pants so now the whole sport is gay? That's judgement by association….. Final thing when has any football player ever worn tights? You sir are retarded..

  16. You are the biggest fag ive ever seen. You will not meet a more manly and tough person than a wrestler. Hb you try not eating too much for weeks, have to lose a ton of weight, and endure 3+ hours of pure hell every day. Try it sometime, you'll probaly die because of all the guys who hate you for making this video.

  17. huh i don't think wrestling is gay its actually good because thats a way to show how much of a man you are lol i don't think a kid like you would last not to sound like an ass but yeah.

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