Having a big dick isn’t as great as you think

My dick is 8.5”, in other words big, it’s also 6” girth, again big.

Being the size it is, it is difficult to find guys to hook up with because it’s more difficult to make it fit.

Now it’s worse in daily life;

I always seem to be leaking pre cum into my boxers, leaving stains that make me look disgusting.

If I get a public boner, I can’t hide it at all, I can’t stuff it into my underwear because it comes out of the bottom, I can’t put it into the waistband of my pants because you can still see it, and if you look at my pants when I have one, it’s like I put a few pens down my pants.

Goes with the bulge one, if someone catches a glimp, you can guarantee that they will keep peeking down at my crotch looking, very uncomfortable.

I get searched, it always seem to be an area they want to triple check, it has lead to strip searches in the past.

Anyways that’s it, feel free to share your problems with your dick in the replies


  1. A genuine question: how is it to find people to hook up since the person must be VERY used to it to enjoy.

    I’ve always said to my friends, anyone above 18 cm is just a friend, simply because I cant take it.

  2. I totally get that the grass is always greener on the other side but this is kind of like saying “it’s not so great to be rich because I have to manage all of my money”. In much the same way a rich person wouldn’t trade their money in to be poor (or even middle class) it’s hard to imagine you would trade in your penis for a small or even an average one.

  3. Just remember, you are not just a guy with a big dick. You are a human being with with real feelings. Yes you gave a big dick, so own it. Who care if people stare. Built your own self worth and confidence and this will no longer be a worry for you.

  4. I’m a bit different as far as problems go. I’m about 9 by 6 and tbh I’m just used to guys using me as a dildo. I tend to wear shorts under my pants so it’s harder to see if I have a boner in public.

  5. You know… I’d like to help you overcome any problems you might have. I’m willing to work for free, tirelessly. Hours, days, weeks if needed!

  6. >Being the size it is, it is difficult to find guys to hook up with because it’s more difficult to make it fit.

    Big dick problems are a real thing. Folks want all the fantasy and none of the reality. Most guys will struggle with a dick this size. It’ll take someone with more skill, desire and determination than it takes a bottom to comfortably take an average dick.

    At least OP doesn’t have problems maintaining an erection (takes a lot of blood to keep a horsecock hard), which is another common big dick complaint.

    Ya ain’t just a big dick, OP! I hope despite the problems that dudes appreciate ya for what I think I can safely assume are all your many awesome attributes.

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