Have any of you gotten an STD from giving unprotected oral sex, or protected anal sex (bottoming)?

I really want to start fucking a ton of guys, but my worries about STDs is what prevents me from going to places like a bathhouse (don’t really care if it’s just old ugly dudes there. If they’ve got a dick, I want it in me.) where it would be easy to get involved in orgies/gangbangs.


I would hate to get herpes or HPV (realize those are based on skin to skin contact) but I know if I’m as promiscuous as I want to be (literally trying to have sex with more men than anyone else _anywhere_. I know some people probably say that just because it’s a fantasy/they’re RPing, but I literally am talking about wanting to be sucking cock and bottoming for 12-14 hours per day with anyone who is interested) I know I have to accept the risk of that. But what about the more significant STDs?


  1. I have been slutting out in college for two years now and I had that worry too, but thankfully I’ve never gotten any STD. If by more serious, you mean HIV, it’s basically impossible to get it from oral. With your top wearing a condom during sex, the probability falls dramatically, and it was already minuscule from a single exposure anyways. Add in something like PreP, along with regular testing and communication with your potential tops and you should be fine to bottom away at your heart’s desire.

  2. On the safe side get on prep and get the hepatitis vaccinations, guys will pull condoms off, they will fall off and can break. Everything else s curable, except herpes and that’s always a risk even when just kissing, but for the most part you’ll be able to see if the other person has an outbreak. When I first discovered grindr and was making up for lost time, 2 to 3 guys a night, orgies etc. Even as a top wearing protection I cought gonorrhea, I’m guessing from getting blown by a guy who had it in his mouth.

  3. I have been going to bathhouses for the last 10+ years. I suck cock without a condom, but I do not bottom bareback. I have been involved in gangbangs a couple times.

    And I have never gotten anything. I am tested regularly.

    All of this being said, I have chosen not to play with a couple guys because their cocks/genitals looked suspect.

    Go forth and be a slut!

  4. I will say this though the herpes HPV fear needs to be dispelled, wanna know why?

    Because there is a 90% chance you already have it. Herpes spreads sooooo easily that it’s practically impossible to track who gave it to you. It doesn’t have to be a sexual act to contract.

    I had to learn this when I got tested and found out I had it. It’s not something to be ashamed of. Out of all STDs it’s one of the least harmful depending on if it’s type 1 or 2. Type 1 is oral herpes type 2 is rectal. Oral is the least active of the two and rarely shows itself, type 2 is the one that you see pictures of with sores. Even then those are specific cases.

    I’m not saying don’t be safe and practice safe sex. I’m just saying HPV/herpes isn’t as bad as people may think. Simply because you probably already have it.

  5. Unfortunately, I have gotten gonorrhea from oral before. I was giving. No idea they had it at the time.

  6. Wow. So many things to respond to. You honestly need to do more research about how condoms work and how STDs work. First of all, condoms work. So does PrEP.

    Secondly, STDs — even HIV — should not terrify you like this. STDs will always exist and you will always be taking a risk. Granted, we take risks everyday. We do it when we get in a car. We do it when we walk into the sun without sunscreen. We do it when we have sex with people, and even when we kiss people. Protected or not, with a husband or a stranger. Everyday we take risks. People get STDs. It happens. You move on. I’m not saying you should engage in any behavior you’re not comfortable with.

    But you only live once. Only you can decide what’s important to you, and what kind of behavior you are comfortable with. You should be making educated decisions, but you should not engage in behavior you’re not comfortable with. If these decisions truly do scare you but you want to engage in more sex, you should figure out why you are so scared. And do it BEFORE you engage in sexual behavior. I would talk to a doctor before strangers on the Internet. Whether or not someone was infected with an STD (which may or may not even be true) should not affect your decision to have sex. It will only scare you more and it won’t teach you anything.

    I choose to have unprotected sometimes. I’ve never asked a guy to put on a condom before I sucked his dick. I got chlamydia a few years ago. That was annoying and embarrassing. But I moved on with my life. It was a risk I took and I don’t regret it. It’s been two years since an STI screen has come back positive for me. That may or may not be behavior you’re comfortable with. However if it did come back positive, I would again do what I need to do and move on with my life.

    You need to establish your own boundaries based on your own level of comfort (which should be based on facts and the input of a health professional) and stick with those decisions, unless/until your level of comfort changes down the road. Dont listen to fake news or the horror stories of strangers on reddit.

  7. You can get the vaccination against HPV, which reduces the risk not only of genital warts but also of throat and anal cancer.

  8. >I would hate to get herpes

    Literally everyone has oral herpes of some sort. That is what cold sores are.

    Gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia are bacterial meaning that, unlike HIV, they are curable. There are antibiotic resistant gonorrhea strains running around but don’t let that scare you. Oral gonorrhea is pretty mild (I say this from experience) and the symptoms can clear up on their own, even though you should still get a round of antibiotics if you test positive for it.

  9. Youll rarely get anything from oral. Herpes is your biggest risk there if in honest, and with a good look you should be able to see if there are any open sores. Obviously they can shed whilst no sores present but I’m a hypochondriac and I don’t stress overly about catching something from someone assuming theyre shedding without a sore.

    Syphilis is hard to catch via oral but can happen. It’s very rare though and curable providing you’re proactive about your sexual health.

    Clamydia and gonorrhea are both the biggest risks but also curable (even super gonorrhea is curable just with non usual antibiotics)

    Just use a condom and don’t fuck people you don’t know or speak to.

  10. i’m sorry but u just sound kind of dumb. if ur having unsafe sex with people who have an std, there’s a good chance you’ll get one regardless of what kind of sex it is, especially if ur on the receiving end. but u won’t get an std if u just ask the people ur with if they have any stds and by using condoms!!

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