Had my very first sexual experience this morning! Yay!

So… I’m a 25yo gay boy, and I just had my first sexual experience this morning with a guy I met on Grindr yesterday.

Yeah I know lol. I don’t really have any gay friends to talk about this with, so I figured I’d come tell you guys so I can get it off my chest and go into details I can’t with most of my straight friends. Plus I’ve been a lurker on this sub for quite some time, even before I made this account. So why not talk about my experience with a community I’m used to?

So I met this guy yesterday, and we seemed to click sexually, I guess you would call it? I liked what he liked and he liked what I liked. We talked and sent pics. I like what I saw and he liked what he saw. So we added each other on snap and continued to chat. I sent him some vids of my butt, he sent some of his dick. He asked if he could come over this morning, and while I wasn’t 100% sure at first, I later agreed for him to come over at around 8:30 when the apartment cleared out a bit.

I got cleaned up, douched for what seemed like ages. This is where I fucked up. I’ll say more about it at the end of the post. But after I thought I was clean, I hopped in the shower and got my body all nice and clean. We talked about me putting my plug in before he got there. He said it was up to me, and I said I would if I had time. I did, so I slipped my favorite plug in after I got out of the shower, and got dressed. He got here on time and was a little quiet while walking to my apartment. Guess he was as nervous as I was. I tried to be friendly and asked him if he wanted a drink and such, as any good host should lol. He was nice, but quiet.

Either way, I sat down on my bed and he sat in my computer chair when we got into my room. He said, and I quote,

“was up”

Lmfao. I said I was nervous and I that I’ve never done anything like this before, so I guess he decided to take charge of the situation because he smiled, stood up and started taking off his pants. I was so fucking nervous and scared and excited and interested and terrified at the same time. But there it was. A thick half-chub almost face level with me. I looked up and asked If I could touch it, and he said yeah. Of course I reached out and touched it. Stroked it a bit and felt it grow in my hand. Such a strange feeling, holy moly.

I cupped his balls and stroked it a bit more before he asked if I wanted to try sucking it. Of course I did, so I get in a comfy position for my tall ass, and he brings it up to my face. I don’t remember exactly what I did first, which is weird because I’ve fantasied about what would be the first thing I’d do in that position so many times. I think I gently grabbed it and licked the tip. I do remember the smell. It wasn’t bad, just a manly musk type smell. Thinking back, I kinda liked it. Tasted like skin, shocker. I’ve practiced on my dildos a good bit so I wasn’t totally lost, but a dildo Isn’t an actual dick. I started sucking a bit more, taking more and more into my mouth. I pulled it out a few times and licked the shaft and his balls, smacked my face with it, which he took as a cue to rub it all over my face. Fucking hot. He reached down with both hands and guided my head so my mouth was lined up with the head, and I took the hint. Started sucking again, this time going pretty deep. Well, not deep throating just yet, but pretty close. He did end up pushing his cock into my throat. I choked and went up for air and started licking and kissing his dick and balls again before being guided back to the head by his hands lol. I didn’t mind it at all. Just kinda funny thinking back on it.

So that went on for what seemed like 30 minutes, but was probably only 5 or 10. He pulled out of my mouth and asked if I wanted to put my plug in. I told him it was already in, and he asked to see it. I got up and got on the bed, ass up face down so he could play with my plug and my hole/butt. He was super gentle, almost to gentle lol. But he got my plug out and started fucking me with it. After making me moan for a minute or two with that, he asked what I wanted to do. I asked if he wanted to fuck me with a dildo, and he said yeah. I went and got my favorite one, and lubed it up for him. He told me to get on my back, and I followed his order. Lied down, and put my legs up in the air. He slipped in the tip and started slowly fucking me with it, then before I knew it he was pounding me with it. I was panting and moaning and he wasn’t stopping lol. Had to ask him to stop a few times because it got a little too intense, but It was nice. I liked feeling so vulnerable.

He stopped, and I asked him to finger me a bit. He kinda shook his head no and gave me a look. My stomach dropped. I knew then and there I fucked up while douching. He was cool about it, and we moved on. Strangely enough, he asked to fuck me just after that. I was game if he was, so I went to the bathroom to clean up. When I got back, he was standing up and had a condom on. I sat on my bed and poured lube on it and he started rubbing it all over his condom covered cock. I got on my bed, face down ass up again. Arched my back and stuck my ass out. No dice. Tried on my back, legs up, no dice again. I felt his dick rubbing against my hole, but just no penetration. He had a condom on for sure, so hopefully no STD scares, I think my butt is just too damn big or my hole just wasn’t lubed up right lmao. He said he was embarrassed, and I tried to comfort him. Really was no big deal. I thought we’d figure it out eventually anyways. So he got my dildo and we lubed it up. He put me on my back and then had some trouble getting it in me. Said something like, It’s like your hole just closed up. I knew what it was though. Hole need lube, ezpz. I lube up and he slips it in. Fucked me rough with it again for a while and I was in heaven. But code brown struck again. I’ll spare those details, but it wasn’t fun. I got up and headed to the bathroom. That’s when I discovered that when I left the bathroom before he tried to fuck me, I accidentally locked it from the inside and closed it from the outside. I just kinda laughed, and bumped my head against the door. Poor guy, he was so sweet. He said something like, no really, it’s okay, thinking I was upset about the code brown. I turned and smiled and explained what the problem was. He was pretty sweet looking back. Just a quiet boy.

I started to put my shorts back on to go get a wet wipe, and he asked if we were done. I said no and told him where I was going, But he said he didn’t need one. Guess he didn’t get any stuff on him, thank fuck. He leaned back on my bed, took off the condom and said,

“just come suck my dick, you know you want it.”

The fuck is a submissive bottom gonna do, first time or not? Lmao. That shit turned me on so much and humiliated me at the same. I loved it. I dropped to my knees and licked his dick from the base to the tip. I really put in all of my very limited knowledge about cock sucking into it this time. I licked and sucked and took it as deep as I could for quiet a while. I buried my face in his balls and licked and sucked them too. Can’t ignore the balls, so I’ve learned. Somewhere in this mush of time and dick he told me to kiss his dick. I did. I’m a good boy, what can I say lol. Super hot though. He asked if he could cum in my mouth, and I nodded and mumbled a mhmm.

We discussed recording me blowing him on snap, and I told him I would *only* if it was on my phone. He agreed. So he sat up a little, leaning back on his arms and hands, and we discussed that topic while I was still licking and sucking his cock. We decided on what we were gonna do, and I got back to my work. He pulled at my shirt. I started to pull it off but didn’t wanna stop sucking. He didn’t reach for it again though. I tried to arch my back while I was blowing him, and he said I looked so sexy or something like that. Turned me on, and I kept working his cock.

He said he was getting close, so I stopped for second and stood up on my knees. My back is the tall part of me, so we were almost face to face. Could have kissed, but we decided no kissing on snap. Fine by me. I’d rather have my first kiss not be with a hookup. Either way, he said lets get your shirt off, and we took it off together. He whispered something about liking my body, I don’t know how, but to each their own I guess. I played with my nipples for a second, and he took the hint and followed suit. I love playing with my nipples, so it was even better when he did it.

After a little of that, I reached and got my phone for him. Told him how to work it and he leaned back flat on his back again. My mouth found his cock, and I don’t even remember hearing the camera beep meaning it was recording. I just remember hearing him ask me,

“you sucking daddy’s dick?”

I moaned a mhmm and looked up at him. Saw the phone, but didn’t give it much thought. Got back to my first cock in my mouth. He dirty talked some more. Told me to show the camera how I can deep throat. I did take him pretty deep. Proud of myself for that. Then told me to suck and jerk him off at the same time. I followed his order and once I got a rhythm going, I was really enjoying it. I felt him starting to tense up a bit and knew it wouldn’t be much longer. I was right, and literally before I knew it, I felt the head of his dick grow in size and right after that I felt his warm cum hit my tongue. It kinda scared me, and a little leaked out, but I swallowed everything else. Didn’t taste the greatest, but it wasn’t horrible.

I kept sucking and licking. Trying to get every drop out of him and the little bit that spilled out off of him so I didn’t waste any lol. After a few seconds of that, I leaned up and asked if he was okay, he said yeah, handed me the phone and started getting up. Talked about him having to go to work soon, and how it sucked. I offered to walk him out and he accepted. I put my shirt on and he got dressed too. Walked him to the door, and told him bye, and to drive safe. And that was it. I still had to go get my bathroom door unlocked somehow. but I ended up getting it done. Yay.

I snapped him a little later and apologized for the mess. Told him I had fun and hoped he did too. He said he did. Told him I’d love to have him over again to feed me more of his cum sometime soon, and he said he’d like that too.

I’m 99% sure that the code brown was caused by me putting too much water in my butt. I think it went a little too far in and went over the bend of doom lol. Later I had some leakage (TMI I know, but relevant) and had an aha moment. I’ve seen a lot of warnings about not getting any water over and around that bend in your colon, but I’m a rookie, and I’ve learned a valuable lesson. Too bad I had to learn it the hard way lmao.

Overall I’d give it a 6/10 simply because of my own stupidity. If I didn’t fuck up and got my butt fucked, It would have easily been a 7.5/8-10. My own damn fault I didn’t get butt fucked and finally lose my v-card though. Guy was super nice and understanding about it. Which made me feel better. I think I really enjoyed it, but I have a lot of mixed emotions flying around in my head right now. I am proud of myself for taking this risk and taking a small step in life that I’ve been fantasizing about taking for years now. Yay me!

Either way, thank you for reading if you made it this far. I didn’t mean it to turn into this wall of text, but it did. Oops. I’m gonna proofread and edit, but sorry for anything that slips by me. I’m happy to answer any and all questions if anyone has any, and talk about the experience in general.

Thanks guys 😀

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  1. Sounds like a good time man! I am going to ask that you put stories in the “Sunday Funday” thread moving forward. We try to keep stories to that post each week.

    I’m sure next time you’ll have the cleaning part down and have no issues. He sounds like a solid guy to take it in stride.

  2. This was such a nice read – I’m happy for you since it all turned out quite well and you learned some. Next time will be even better. I wish you all the best in your journey of pleasure!

  3. [https://howtocleanyourass.wordpress.com/](https://howtocleanyourass.wordpress.com/)

    This might help with future ass cleanings. If you’re unsure that you are empty, a dildo is a great way to check or get stuff moving. You’ll also learn, with practice and experience, how to tell if you’ve still got water in you. At this point, I just know. I can feel it.

    It’s also a good idea to keep wet wipes or paper towels nearby for easy access.

    You’ll get the hang of it all. Glad you had fun!

  4. Dont feel too bad it happens to almost everyone and it cant be helped. Bottoming takes time sure you can douche but I’ve read you should fast and eat soup or liquid diet as you dont want to be a messy bottom. I’d suggest describing your partner, you know he was 6 ft tall and 8 inches cut girth or what have you. Adds to the imagination. Overall good story and great first time.

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