Had first prostate orgasm(s); OMFG is this safe?

So last night I finally figured out how I needed to stimulate myself in order to have a prostate orgasm, and it was the most intense bodily experience of my life. I came so many times I honestly lost count. My body did such strange and unfamiliar things it freaked me out because I didn’t know what was happening.

The sensation came on slowly and then suddenly my head feels like it’s going to explode. I start wincing and cleaching my teeth as my whole body begins contracting, my nipples stiffen, my ass tightens and tries to force out the dildo, and my dick dribbles some clear fluid.

I found it still felt good pushing back on my dildo so I kept going and then a few minutes later it happens again. By the forth or fifth time my dick forcefully expells some strange liquid. I realize later it’s urine and that I’ve just peed all over my floor. :/ I keep pushing back on my dildo and I keep cumming… And cumming… And cumming. I kept expecting to run out of orgasms but I don’t. They just keep happening.

Eventually I become exhausted and I’m worried I’m going to blow a blood vessel or give myself a seizure so I decide to stop. My whole body feels flush and slightly damp. I immediately get hard thinking about what happened and this shocks me because after I orgasm the old fashioned way I can’t get hard for 10 or so minutes afterwards.

This morning I have a headache. The whole experience was so novel I’m still trying to understand what happened.


  1. it’s not only safe but good for you too! Keep that prostate gland clean and clear! You don’t want to know what prostatitis is…. Stay healthy, stay happy!

  2. The first time I experienced this it was a casual Saturday or something. My BF and I sometimes just lay in bed watching shows naked and whatever. Neither one us are shy with each other so we don’t mind jerking off in front of each other even if the other doesn’t feel like participating.


    I was feeling extra horny and put a plug in. I have no idea what the fuck happened because while we were laying in bed and I was watching porn and fucking myself everything just went sideways. I started having orgasm after orgasm like you are describing and I was panting and freaking out. I think I kind of scared him because he never saw my body flip the fuck out like that. I was screaming and tensing and then relaxing and tensing and cum just kept flowing. My whole body shuddered over and over and I was sweating and I felt like my mind had been zapped. I couldn’t think clearly and then I would pump my ass with the plug some more and it would start over again.


    Like you I started pissing myself at some point but I just didn’t give a fuck. He just watched me in utter fascination and finally I couldn’t take it anymore and fell asleep with the plug still in me. Like a good boy he wiped me down and cleaned up much of the mess I made and I slept like a fucking baby.

  3. I have play with guys and girls finger my ass but never a dido, now I have to try it so I can feel the amazing Os

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