Guys With Crappy Cars Must Have Huge Dongs

Logically speaking, his dong must be illogically big.

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  1. Totally true by the way, when I'm in my hot sports car, only gold diggers drool, but when I'm in my total beater… lots of eye contact!

  2. But some people just could be poor. So donโ€™t treat people differently just so they have a crappie car especially college students it is stupid to do that not even words describe how much that pisses me off. The words I would want to use would probably get this comment deleted. I respect how hard it is to get started in the real world. Also some people use a beater car and donโ€™t have to worry about it getting damaged. Almost every day I see people banging doors against others not giving a shit about other peopleโ€™s property.

  3. Are you serious stop assuming we are overcompensating non-carpeople. The reason why is because it is a PASSION. Most of the car community enjoy that hobby. Now this could be just a joke but remember that. I could go full beat dead horse mode but that would be too long

  4. Am I the only one who thinks 2 seaters are selfish chick cars? I'm much more impressed with a dude with a normal sized good car than any sports car, means the dude is practical. And I have a guy with a big dick… buying condoms is a nightmare.

  5. This is such a good lens on women that see men as always having to compensate for their bodies and such
    Very high school xD

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